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Who Accepts Bitcoin?


The range of businesses that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is expanding. Currently, over 16,000 business centers, retail outlets, stores, and websites, including online platforms, accept BTC.

This number is steadily increasing. Let’s explore where you can spend bitcoins both online and in real life in 2021.

Who Accepts Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic of discussion among coin enthusiasts, economists, and the general public. Millions have embraced the idea, purchasing and using digital currencies for various purposes.

Now, thousands of companies and organizations have integrated cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Special services have even been developed to help locate companies that engage with the cryptosphere. While these resources are scarce in Eastern Europe, they are plentiful in the United States. Major global companies like KFC and Subway have also started accepting digital currencies.

Various coin vendors, retailers, and businesses are open to customers paying with cryptocurrencies, but J2TX stands out among them.

J2TX is a popular website offering an easy way to purchase Bitcoin, along with opportunities to learn about cryptocurrencies and invest in tokens. More than just an ordinary merchant, J2TX is a comprehensive platform connected with the crypto market, accessible not only in the UK but globally.

Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment and How to Spend It?

As digital currency adoption grows, an increasing number of companies and online resources are implementing systems to accept Bitcoin. You can now use Bitcoin to make purchases on Amazon and eBay, pay taxes, and even for public transportation.

Back in 2015, the total volume of Bitcoin transactions exceeded that of the U.S. Western Union payment system. Since then, many larger companies have started accepting digital coins, either through dedicated services or directly:

Bitcoin is also used for paying for travel, online games, freelance services, startups, and blockchain projects (ICOs).

How to Pay Online with Bitcoin?

Paying with cryptocurrency typically involves a few methods that are similar across different platforms:

To confirm if a service accepts cryptocurrencies, check with a salesperson or consultant.

Gift cards offer another way to spend Bitcoin, like purchasing on Amazon with cryptocurrency. Specialized online platforms also help locate businesses that accept cryptocurrencies.

Some of the largest search services for finding Bitcoin-accepting businesses include:

While businesses and retailers are popular for spending coins, J2TX offers a unique experience. The service not only helps find answers to crucial questions about Bitcoin but also provides information on who accepts it, where, and how, in a dedicated section. J2TX simplifies the process of buying coins, ensuring it’s easy, fast, and cost-effective.


Overstock was a pioneer in accepting crypto coins as a payment method, starting in 2014. Initially accepting only Bitcoin, they later expanded to other digital currencies like Dash and Monero through a partnership with ShapeShift.


Latvia’s national airline has accepted cryptocurrencies since 2014, allowing customers to purchase tickets with Bitcoin for various destinations, including the CIS, East, and Europe.


Like AirBaltic, Expedia allows hotel and flight bookings using Bitcoin. They don’t handle crypto transactions directly but work with Coinbase to convert Bitcoin into dollars for transactions.


Subway, the fast-food retailer, accepts Bitcoin and even offers discounts for payments made with the digital currency in many countries.


KFC started accepting Bitcoin in its restaurants three years ago and launched a Bitcoin Bucket to promote the partnership. They also created a promotion for Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.


PayPal was one of the first major financial platforms to adopt cryptocurrencies, planning to integrate them with its Venmo app. The company is also working on a system for crypto transactions.


Shopify allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments. The platform currently accepts only Bitcoin but may expand to other cryptocurrencies.


In December 2014, Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin for its online stores. Despite some hiccups and temporary removals, the option is now functioning normally.


Starbucks supports cryptocurrency payments in its U.S. coffee shops and restaurants via the Spedn app. The app is expected to support a variety of digital assets in the future.

What Stores Accept Bitcoin Worldwide?

Various stores around the world accept Bitcoin. Here are a few:

For purchasing Bitcoin itself, J2TX offers a platform for buying, selling, or investing in Ethereum, facilitating quick and easy exchanges.

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