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Best app to buy Crypto


The cryptocurrency market is rapidly developing, because more and more companies and companies with global names accept this asset as a payment method. This plays into the hands of the cryptocurrency market, so more and more sites try to provide their clients with comfort and develop applications.

Nevertheless, among thousands of options, there are about half of the fraudulent ones, so it is extremely important to trade on a reliable platform. Let’s take a look at the most popular and therefore safest best apps for buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2021.

The best app to buy Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s mobile app includes the exchange’s core functionality. Users of the app can trade on Binance’s spot and futures markets, as well as on the P2P platform. The mobile version of Binance is supported on iOS and Android.

Through the Binance app, traders can track trading history, place limit, market and stop-limit orders. Simple charts are implemented. Technical support is available 24/7. Direct withdrawals of rubles/dollars to bank cards from Binance are temporarily not available both in the mobile app and in the web version. Users can withdraw their funds via a P2P platform. Exchange is a mobile app for the cryptocurrency exchange The app is supported on iOS and Android. The exchange specializes in tokenized assets. More than 2,000 tokenized stocks are currently available for trading in the app.

More than 75 technical indicators are available in the app, including Ishimoku clouds and Bollinger Bands. Advanced chart types are implemented. Stop-Loss and Take-Profit orders have been implemented in to limit risks. The system of trading commissions is based on the principle of takers/makers.

Good Crypto

The Good Crypto application has an API connection to more than 25 crypto exchanges, including Binance, FTX, Bybit, Bitfinex, BitMEX and OKEx. You can find the full list at the official website of the application. Good Crypto is supported on iOS and Android.

Advanced order types are implemented in Good Crypto. Users can place Stop-Loss and Take-Profit. Stocks are displayed in real time. Users are notified by the app when an order is executed and a portfolio is changed. User data in Good Crypto is anonymized and encrypted.


Bitcoin and Ethereum trading is available through the Robinhood app. The main specialization of the application is trading on the U.S. stock market. At the moment, only U.S. and Canadian citizens and people with residency permits in those countries can use Robinhood to trade. The app is supported on iOS and Android.

In order to trade through Robinhood, a KYC is required. There are no trading commissions for trades. A Robinhood Gold premium account allows access to margin trading.


The free mobile trading terminal TabTrader has connections to 36 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, FTX, Bybit, BitMEX and OKEx. The app is available for download on iOS and Android. However, it is possible to trade through TabTrader on Android.

In addition to the basic version of TabTrader, a PRO subscription is available for 849 rubles/month. Its advantages are the absence of ads, 19 technical indicators and expanded asset watch lists. The main functionality of TabTrader includes placing limit and market orders, as well as Stop-Loss and Take-Profit. In addition, the application can calculate positions on all connected cryptocurrency exchanges.


The Coinigy application is a mobile version of the desktop trading terminal with the same name. The terminal has connections to more than 40 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Kraren and Bittrex. The Coinigy app is supported on iOS and Android, but it is not possible to trade through the iOS app.

It is worth noting that only 11 connections are available for trading in Coinigy. Margin trading is only possible on Bitfinex and Poloniex. In the free version of the application, the user can only place limit orders. The free version is available for 30 days, after which a subscription fee of $18.66 or $99.99 per month must be paid.

All of the above apps can definitely be categorized as “Best app to buyBitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” but today there is an even more versatile and unique J2TX platform that offers its users to invest in tokens, read all the news, reviews, breakdowns and articles, and buy coins both on the site itself and in the app. Cash is exactly that inimitable app.

The best app to buy crypto - CashApp?

Of course most platforms offer many features, payment methods to buy coins, etc., but they all have disadvantages. However, today there is a best app to buyBitcoin and Ethereum that has none of them.

Cash is an app that is winning the hearts of many traders and investors of today. Here you can buy cryptocurrencies in just a few elementary actions, and the operation is completed in two to three seconds.

Moreover, here you pay a minimum commission of 0.95%, and not, as it often happens, from 2% or higher. Coins come into your account instantly, then you can sell them immediately.

The application is full of cool features in the form of rate fluctuation graphs of both cryptocurrency coins and shares of many famous corporations. It is worth emphasizing that buying these assets is also a tool of the app. You can easily become an owner of shares from Amazon or Mycrasrft!

Download and install Cash - it will help you become more successful and increase your personal capital!

And on the company’s website you can learn a lot of interesting things in different sections, invest in Ethereum or buy tokens with extremely high profitability.

How to buy Bitcoin with CashApp?

It is very simple. To buy currency in this application, you need to download it to your gadget. It is free for all users.

Once in the app, you will be offered a short tour of the crypto world, after which you need to confirm that you have read the tips and information and then continue.

At this point, the user must activate their account by first going through a simple creation process:

Now you have to recharge your account and start the buying process: select “markets” on the left side of the application interface. Choose an asset from the hundreds of ones offered and enter the desired amount of coins.

Pressing the confirmation button will mean that you have reviewed the check (which contains data about the commission, the money deposited and the number of assets received) and that you agree to the transaction.

Now your investment portfolio is wider, and you have added a low-risk asset with an extremely high return!


1. Is Cash the best app to buyBitcoin today?

Yes, all you have to do is install the app and see for yourself. The company offers extensive functionality and easy asset acquisition through a few simple steps. Not only can you buy or sell crypto here, but you can also become a shareholder of diverse companies that are widely known around the world.

2. Who runs Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is decentralized, which means that there is no single owner, central party or institution in charge and responsible for everything. Blocks of transactions are verified on the blockchain network by calculating “consensus. Consensus is a feature of the software. Bitcoin was developed in 2009 by someone hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. But it is unknown who he is, and this person (or group of people) does not control bitcoin today.

3. Does a coin with the name “bitcoin” physically exist?

No. You can’t touch bitcoin because it is essentially software. You may have seen images of gold coins with a Ƀ badge. These are mementos that can’t be converted to real bitcoin. But they are better suited to illustrate the news than rows of numbers and letters that look like a real blockchain.

4. Is bitcoin’s value entirely dictated by the free market?

For the most part, yes. There is a known and limited number of bitcoins, so as demand rises, so does the price. The innovativeness of the technology also contributes to bitcoin’s value. Created in 2009, it was a novelty, and the market decided it was a worthwhile (for now) invention.

5. If Bitcoin is something virtual, can’t people create duplicates?

They can, but it’s not a problem. All bitcoin transactions are stored in this public ledger, the blockchain. You can copy the blockchain, but it’s just a record. So you can’t change the allocation of bitcoins. To process new bitcoin transactions, miners with powerful computers solve complex problems and thus add them to the blockchain. This is called “proof-of-work,” and it is one of the key features of most cryptocurrencies. A lot of miners verify work, which prevents fraud.

6. How much money do you need to get started?

Not much. J2TX, for example, allows you to buy bitcoins, or Ethereum for as little as $1.

7. How does bitcoin generate profits?

Miners get paid (paid in bitcoins) for creating coins, which helps recoup the time and computer power the process requires. They also receive a small commission on user transactions. Bitcoin itself does not generate profits. It is best thought of as a commodity similar to gold, which has a market value but does not create economic activity (as businesses do). When its price goes up, bitcoin can generate income. But when its value falls, it also produces losses.

8. Why does the price fluctuate so much?

There’s a lot of money pouring into a relatively small market. An additional difficulty is that bitcoin is harder to trade than standard stocks or commodities in a regulated market. Big jumps in value sometimes occur when there are relatively few buyers and sellers in the market - that makes it easy to manipulate the price.

And making deliberate and confident steps in investing will help you with the best app to buyBitcoin - Cash. A nice addition will be the main platform J2TX, which has no less pluses in the form of blocks with investing in Ethereum or given the opportunity to invest in tokens and earn up to fifty percent of the invested money.

J2TX is a guarantee of a stable and prosperous future!

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