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Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Here we’re going to present the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs so let’s jump into some of the best options that we chose:

1. Coinbase

The largest cryptocurrency brokerage based in the United States. They serve a lot of countries: pretty much all of Europe, Asia, South and Central America as well. They sell variety of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

Why do we recommend them?


What’s interesting about Coinbase is that they actually have two different technical programs, one of them is their affiliate program. This program pays 50% commission for the first three months. And considering that Coinbase charges just under 4% fees for transactions, you’re basically earning 2% of a transaction value for every single customer you refer up to three months. If they use a bank account then the fee is around 1.49% so you’re going to receive 50% of that.


They run their program on Impact Radius.

2. BlockFi

Basically what this program allows you to do is deposit cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as well as fiat money like dollars, euros and pounds, and also earn interest.

Why do we recommend them?

Their program is super profitable and that makes it one of the best bitcoin affiliate programs to work with. They run a lot of interesting promotions that really helps in the marketing of the service which is another reason why we so highly recommend them in this list.


They pay you 7.5 % interest on fiat once it’s converted into a stable coin. If you deposit bitcoin they’ll pay out 4% interest that compounds every month.


They run their affiliate program on Impact Radius as well similar to Coinbase.

3. eToro

Another program for cryptocurrency brokerage. They have two different versions: one is eToro US for people based in the United States, and they also have another version eToro global which is to be for everybody else.

So if you promote this program you have to make sure that you’re sending people to the right version. If you’re planning to promote to the USA and global you’ll need two accounts so keep that in mind.

Why do we recommend them?


They’re actually pretty profitable, they pay somewhere between $200 to $600 CPA if you decide to go that route, and they have reverse split options available too.


They run their affiliate program on their in-house service called eToro partners.

4. Bitpanda

They’re based in Europe, very similar company to Coinbase. They serve almost every country in the world besides the United States. They offer few of the best extra services like the ability to invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and things like that.


They have one of the best bitcoin affiliate programs that pays 20% lifetime commission, so you have to keep in mind that while this 20% is lower than Coinbase’s 50% but this is a lifetime commission, whereas Coinbase’s commission is only for three months.

So depending on how soon you’d like to access the commissions Bitpanda could be a really good alternative to Coinbase. It highly depends on what your goals are for affiliate marketing.


They run their affiliate program in-house using inside Bitpanda’s exchange or brokerage service.

5. Privacy pros:

Some people may know Privacy pros as “Billfodl” which was their first program, it’s the name they’re really known for. They sell a crypto steel-like product where you can store private keys, recovery phrases for crypto currency wallets inside of it, and it’s able to withstanda jet fuel, a house flood and things like that, so it offers a very secure way to store your bitcoin.

Why do we recommend them?

On top of the Billfodl’s device they have some faraday bags and some bitcoin art that you can buy, and also they are an authorized reseller to a lot of the top cryptocurrency wallets like Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey, Bibox, and the like.

Usually you’re not advised to buy a bitcoin wallet from a third party source, but in this case they are considered an authorized wallet dealer and you can look at their trust scores online, they’re very trustworthy.


Their affiliate program pays 15% commission.


They run their affiliate program on LeadDyno.


The best cryptocurrency tax software. It allows you to calculate your crypto currency taxes automatically. They integrate with pretty much every single platform you need. It’s a great product to file cryptocurrency taxes. The program cooperates with you to get the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts.


They have a really one of the best bitcoin affiliate programs that allows you to earn 25% lifetime commission.

7. Kraken:

One of the best bitcoin affiliate programs, and it’s an exchange, not a brokerage. That allows people to exchange different cryptocurrencies between each other and among fiat currencies as well.

Why do we recommend them?

A unique value of Kraken is that because they are an exchange they actually have some of the lowest fees of all the previous programs so it can be the best method of promotion to potential affiliates or customers who are looking to trade cryptocurrency for the cheapest price.


Their affiliate program runs onImpact Radius.


They pay 20% lifetime commission but after they paid you out a $1000 for a customer it stops there. So it technically is a lifetime commission with a cap.

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