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Best Safe Investments in 2022


Ethereum is the second most well-known cryptocurrency after bitcoin. In anticipation of the release of the long-awaited Ethereum 2.0 standard, many people are wondering what the future holds for Ethereum. And much its original Ether (ETH) coin will be worth

So far, there are good reasons to believe that the outlook for Ethereum in the coming years will be mostly positive. But that depends on ETH’s dominance in market capitalization, its popularity, and the calculation of its value online, with ETH outperforming bitcoin in the latter.

It is predicted that the price will still hold the upward trajectory adopted earlier, based on past performance and the growing adoption of the Ethereum blockchain. Many expect a breakout of ETH due to Ethereum’s status as the first and only general-purpose blockchain.

It is on this basis that the question of how to invest in Ethereum today is acute, as Ether truly deserves the right to be among the best and most reliable investments of 2021.

How to invest in Ethereum on J2TX?

If you have visited our platform, got acquainted with the features and all available investment tools, created an account, but still have no idea how to invest in Ethereum at Just2Trade Online Ltd. then it’s time to study our detailed instructions:

Using J2TX’s safe and secure way to invest in tokens or crypto, users can expect to receive assets in just minutes while spending a minimal transaction fee of only 0.95%. In addition, the company’s official website offers a section with useful information and even a mobile app.

Now you know the way how to invest in Ethereum safely, easily, and as profitable as possible! And also how to buy a variety of investment instruments in one place!

How to invest in Etherium and whether you should: FAQ about the coin

1. What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is simply a piece of software code embedded in a blockchain. The code spells out the terms of the contract. When they are met, a transaction is automatically executed.

2. What is the main idea behind Etherium?

Ethereum extends the concept of cryptocurrency to the crypto-economy through smart contracts. If the main idea of bitcoin is money independent of the state, the main idea of Etherium is an economic system independent of the state.

3. What types of Eth accounts are there?

Ethereum has two types of accounts: a wallet and a smart contract. Both can make transactions, store coins, and accept Ethers.

4. What are the differences between each type of Ethereum account?

The main difference is that the coins in a smart contract balance are managed by an algorithm, not a person.

A regular wallet is controlled by a bundle of public and private keys, while a smart contract is controlled by a hash of its code. Because of this, a smart contract cannot be changed - if you change even one character in the contract code, the hash will change irreversibly and the blockchain will reject it.

5. What are the ways to conduct a transaction in Ethereum in the UK?

There are three things you can do in Etherium:

A smart contract is just a code that can be executed by making a transaction to its address.

When you transfer ether, your transaction information is written to the Ethereum blockchain by the miner. When you add or execute a smart contract code, when you add a block, the program code is executed.

You have to pay a commission for each transaction.

This commission goes to reward the miners whose computers are in charge of adding blocks and executing the smart contract code.

6. What is gas in the crypto world?

Gas is a unit of commission payment in Ethereum.

7. Why is increased GAS the best solution for the two sides of the transaction?

The amount of gas affects the speed of execution - the higher the value, the faster the transaction will happen.

Usually, miners sort all transactions by value and try to execute first the ones with a high commission.

If the price is too low, the transaction may hang up and take a long time to execute.

8. What types of cryptocurrency wallets are there for storing Ethereum assets?

— Wallet on your device: a program on your phone, tablet, computer. The money is stored directly on your device, so if your smartphone breaks or gets lost, you can’t recover the funds.

— Cold Wallet: A flash drive with your Ethers on it. One of the safely and best ways to store it, but again, you can lose or forget your password. So if you still don’t know where and how to invest in Ethereum - use this last option!

— Online wallet: you register on the website, the wallet will be available online. You can restore the password, but the service you trust will have access to your funds: you need a high level of trust in the service. Such is J2TX!

9. Where and how to invest in Ethereum: ways

To buy Eth you always have several options: exchanges, exchanges, and p2p-platforms. Exchanges are of course preferred because of reliability, profitability, and speed of transactions.

Having figured out how to invest in Ethereum safe - it’s time to visit J2TX, which will provide you the best way to buy assets in the UK and not only!

J2TX: one site - unlimited investments opportunities!

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