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Best Crypto Wallet to Keep Your Money Safe


Crypto purses are used to custody bitcoin and other similar assets. Although blockchain is inherently secure, applications that work with it can have vulnerabilities in code, configuration, smart contracts, and authentication that result in financial losses to users.

Today, in addition to site J2TX, which provides its users with cheapest option for making secure transactions to buying/storing BTC, as well as investing in Ethereum and provides an opportunity to purchase the company’s tokens, let’s also consider top safe, functional bitcoin pouches that will help keep your cryptocurrencies from theft, and help manage them comfortably.

Best Bitcoin wallets: A little bit about them

The best crypto wallet is means of keeping private/public keys with which to access assets and manage funds, as well as providing ease of use when making deals, charging minimal fees and transferring investments instantly.

Since Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency are exclusively virtual assets representing software code, cryptocurrency purse cannot be said to store coins. It stores keys and transaction information, based on which balance of particular account is determined.

How does bitcoin wallet work?

The best crypto purses work on simple principle and is based on three terms - private key, public key address. And equipment to use it is just your smartphone.

The private key is needed not only to generate public key, but also to sign each transaction that is sent. That way network knows that funds being sent really belong to you. The transaction is made in encrypted form, and in order to decrypt it, recipient needs a public key relating to address of digital currency wallet to which coin is transferred.

Types of cryptocurrency wallets

There are dozens of different bitcoin wallets available today that do not require any technical equipment, but the best crypto pouch is not easy to find. Wallets are classified according to several different criteria:

By type of connection

You can access such wallet from any device, knowing authorization data.

By storage of keys

By way of how blockchain works

So, the best crypto purse is software that generates public, private keys, as well as different criteria, and provides transfer and storage of assets. But they all have one thing in common: No one can interact with blockchain network without pouch. All other wallet functions are auxiliary.

But which one is best and can be trusted? What do such applications allow you to do?

What are the top Bitcoin wallets out there?

According to latest expert research in field of purse security, it is impossible to single out one best crypto purse, but it is possible to highlight top options where to store bitcoin. Here’s an overview of wallets you’re guaranteed to trust and get chance to add one to your armory, each of them guarantees customer supporting and secure transactions, providing easiest and most affordable investment option.


Binance is cryptocurrency exchange with ability to buy cryptocurrencies for rubles or other fiat currency. Users who actively trade or invest in numerical currencies use Binance to hold assets. Within platform, each investment has its own best crypto purse, and once registered, user has access to them all.

Numerical currency wallets are under wallets > Fiat/Spot. The platform has mobile app to easy deposit management, which means you don’t need any hardware except your phone or PC.


The largest of online cryptocurrency wallets, Blockchain operates both online and helps send coins through mobile app. Gives user control over their keys by uploading side phrase. Has open source code. Supports 2-factor authentication, other modern security norms.

In addition to BTC, the best crypto wallet, allows you to work with several other popular currencies, and you can make deposit in various ways. After verification, possibility of buying from / withdrawal to card, participation in airdrop and other additional options is available.

3. Bitcoin core

The first and main bitcoin wallet. Comes only in desktop version for Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems. The purse is “thick”, that is, it allows you to build sterling node on your computer by downloading full version of blockchain. Supports multi-signature transactions.

Can back up to file when needed. Can integrate with hardware purses. Also supports related software such as cryptographic libraries.

4. Electrum

Electrum is also one of oldest wallets, it was created in 2011, but can rightfully exist called the best crypto purse. By all criteria, it has high level of security. It comes as an application to Windows, Linux, Python, Android, OSX. Supports multi-signature and 2-factor authentication, can function in conjunction with hardware wallet.

Different teams are working on source code. The developers warn that versions older than 3.3.4 are prone to phishing, so you should download purse only from official site.

5. Green

Multi-platform best crypto wallet Green is also known as GreenAddress. Available versions to iOS, Android, Windows, Linux. The purse is different in that it uses mechanism of pre-signed transactions, so each time pouch is launched, an already-signed transaction is provided, which, at user’s direction, unlocks funds at time specified by user.

Periodically, there is forced backup to sid-phrase. Nice feature - you can receive incoming payments or check your balance in quick way, just by entering your password.

You can download Green asset:

6. Bitcoin wallet

Designed to exist used to store bitcoins, transfer them quickly, easily using Instant Pay payment system (which, according to developers, conducts deals faster than VISA). Wallet mobile - can be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore. Mainly focused on BTC /Bitcoin Cash, but also supports stabelcoins, automatic exchange to which allows you to neutralize volatility. You can purchase or withdraw asset from or to your bank card.

7. Samourai

Samourai is mobile wallet to iPhone or android that has some important and quite innovative features. It can work offline without interacting with Internet, so phone turns into full-fledged cold pouch. SegWit bitcoin network update is supported, allowing to minimize commissions. STONEWALL mechanism protects from de-anonymization attacks by removing traces of metadata left as result of all transactions.

8. Wasabi

Wasabi is an anonymous mobile crypto wallet with one of highest levels of privacy and confidentiality. The integrated Tor network makes all purse transactions anonymous at the network level. The user’s actions are protected from external surveillance; IP-address is hidden.

In addition, you can see history of each coin received, and you can choose specific coins to be included in the deal to send it. There is built-in CoinJoin (transaction aggregation mechanism). Wasabi pouch can only exist started on PC.

Download cryptocurrency wallet:

9. Blue wallet

Blue purse is mobile app to iOS and Android smartphones, more recently, desktop app for macOS - simply put, it’s whole suite of features to not only find your favorite asset, but also to sell or trade without difficulty. It allows you to store bitcoins safely and for free, as well as take advantage of additional features: running full node, p2p exchange, creating multiple vaults at once, cancelling or merging transactions, and integration with hardware purses.

Supporting to LNurl protocol makes it easier to interact with Lightning Network. The integrated PSBT format opens up possibility to receive and send transactions by signing offline.

Download the best crypto wallet: Android, and iOS

10. J2TX

Still can’t choose wallet?

J2TX is web site with years of experience in provision of services connected to cryptocurrencies, as well as ensuring deal security through 128 bit security system. There are safe transactions for investing in Ethereum, ability to buy Bitcoin to cash by card or withdraw dollars from assets, and even separate section to learn the latest news and read interesting articles.

Not so long ago site released its development, which functions on mobile devices based on Android - Cash App. Here users have great opportunity to store coins, to make any actions with them and at most favorable rate, and also to analyze market? changes of rates to each of investment s. Additionally, already experienced team has added possibility for users to buy shares of famous companies and invest in various digital assets.

The company provides customer support 24 hours day, and there are no restrictions to use platform. The service can also exist used to monitor rate hikes up or down, as well as analyze history of changes in rate of coins.

In nearest future, company plans to put lot of interesting and necessary things: to place more diverse assets and expand t list of banking methods - don’t miss moment, because this is your chance to success!

Download the best crypto wallet Cash App you can: on Android, or by logging on to official website through your smartphone, or through any other device (PC, laptop, etc.).

J2TX is the cheapest and easiest road to send, receive and find any stock and asset! The feature set is great and it’s not hard to make deposit and can exist done in two steps.

Why is the best crypto wallet a J2TX wallet?

There are really huge number of different options for storing assets today, developers don’t think to stop. But still, there is no completely perfect purse and method of storing coins that would exist flawless in everything. Somewhere there are high fees, somewhere there is shortage of coins to buy, somewhere assets are incredibly slow to b exist credited.

But there is more balanced and better option, which is not hard to find on the Net - it’s J2TX website, because there are almost no commissions, both for first and further transactions, there are no delays in uploading, because you need just up to 3 minutes and an asset will appear in your account, and you can get even more pleasure from nice features like buying stock for cash.

The official site itself gives users tools to study crypto market: in application you can find and follow assets with indicators/charts, and on website through a special block, where there are various articles.

An excellent 128-bit security system and set of additional fraud prevention measures are main trump cards of the site.

Want to successfully invest and fund your best crypto wallet? Then my and now your choice is J2TX!


1. What are cryptocurrencies?

Crypto is one of the main types of virtual currency, which is formed directly in the computer network. The unit of this variant of the asset is a coin. The crypto is also protected from counterfeiting thanks to cryptographic encryption.

2. What is main difference between cryptocurrency and regular currency?

Cryptocurrency coins are absolutely unrelated to regular (fiat) currency, because they are created inside a computer network or to any government currency system. One type of currency functions online, while other functions offline.

Cryptocurrency has no administrator, it is not backed by anything. Asset rate cannot exist regulated by third party, it obeys only dependence on balance, demand, cost, etc.

3. What is difference between cryptocurrencies and bitcoins?

There is no difference, because BTC is type of cryptocurrency, by far most popular and expensive. Today you can count about 1,000 numerical currencies on market, and put many more modern and fresh coins are already planned to exist placed in next couple of years. But it is very difficult to name their total number precisely, because new ones appear all time, and some of already existing ones do not find popularity and actually cease to exist.

Among most famous are Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Das, Monero, in addition to bitcoin, which appeared in early 2009.

4. How do they arise?

Cryptocurrency arises during an action such as mining. Asset mining cannot exist blocked, deals cannot exist undone, and all data is stored in common database. This uses blocks that arise in process of creating BTC, for example. The entire process ensures complete anonymity. Therefore, it is impossible to trace chain of transactions.

5. What is mining?

Mining is way of obtaining virtual digital currency. Mining allows blockchain infrastructure to work. In distributed network, there are no central servers to regulate them, all calculations to run network are done by users themselves. There are several different techniques for issuing cryptocurrencies.

The most popular today is called PoW - Proof of Work. Often entire factories-farms are built for mining, most of which today are in China. PoW mining is profitable only in countries with cheap electricity. Some new cryptocurrencies use other, much more energy-efficient ways of issuing. For example, Poi (Proof of Importance) or PoS (Proof of Stake).

Then miner’s reward is not determined by his computing power, but by trading activity or just amount of currency on balance.

6. Why are cryptocurrencies feared by all states?

Because many states do not know how to work with new phenomenon of XXI century. Also, many governments and central banks do not want to lose their power and monopoly over circulation and issue of money.

7. How are cryptocurrencies used in banking?

To date, no banking system works systemically with digital currency. There are most states that have expressed their willingness to create national cryptocurrency: Japan, Singapore, Russia, Estonia, Switzerland, Sweden. Numerical currencies can exist applied to banking for conventional, p2p payments. Digital currency will enable consumers to make instant payments in stores, and cost of making such payments will exist significantly lower than existing methods.

8. What caused popularity of cryptocurrencies?

Both ideological and commercial-speculative components played role here. Initially, bitcoin and other digital currencies were conceived as anarchic means of payment, independent of states and central banks. In fact, this is an attempt to realize Friedrich von Hayek’s dream of system of competing private currencies.

These ideas have not yet been fully realized because of extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies, which makes them difficult to use as means of payment. But high volatility has attracted many investors to crypto market.

Its cumulative capitalization is now about $150 billion. But number of people entering this market is constantly growing, and with it, currency rates are rising. This makes cryptocurrencies, especially well-known ones - BTC, ethereum, monero - very attractive to investors.

My fund is going up every day, and it’s all thanks to J2TX, you should try it to see it for yourself!

J2TX is proven path to stability and wealth! You won’t find this kind of stability offline - come on in and try it out!

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