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How to buy BitCash?

Author Author Maria Kozlovskaia
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We’re going to talk about a cryptocurrency that shows an innovative effort and brings something to the table that other cryptos may not, a unique cryptocurrency which is the BitCash. 

A quick overview

We can describe BitCash as a bitcoin 0.16 fork that uses block chain tech to implement the features of traditional banking to create a simple to use cryptocurrency with a focus on mass adoption that’s basically what BitCash is about. 

How to buy and use crypto isn’t as easy as it should be, and honestly sometimes we get nervous when sending large amounts of crypto between addresses when you get ready to click that send button you get the feeling “ is this address right? How is this even going to work?” So the main thing that they have been actually looking at is how to make things a little bit easier, and how to onboard new users to match the mass adoption. It needs to get to a point where people use the block chain technology and buy crypto without even knowing that they are using it and that’s what BitCash is trying to accomplish. 

New tools

BitCash in their never-ending pursuit and massive adoption created brand new tools that are going to help you to buy some BitCash. It’s really revolutionary things to help bringing in the masses, and we will explain for you how to buy BitCash through these new tools. 

BitCash stable system

They introduced a system which we haven’t seen in any other coin and this is the thing that really makes BitCash very unique and that is the BitCash stable system. There are three currencies in the BitCash ecosystem which are: 

  • BitCash: which is the normal coin, the volatile cryptocurrency.
  • BitCash gold: which is pegged at oneounce of gold, this price is taken from coin market gap
  • BitCash dollar: which is stable coin basically.

In the BitCash wallet you can transfer these three currencies between each other. So if you feel bear market is coming you can transfer your BitCash into dollar or gold. Maybe recession is happening and you want your dollars into gold. Or maybe bull market is hitting up so you want to transfer that BitCash dollar into BitCash. These are great ways to not only to enhance the defy element of the space, but also having something that has store of values, something that is going to be sustainable for long time. Maybe you want to even diverse your funds, like putting a third of your funds into BitCash gold, third into BitCash dollar and thirs just keep it in BitCash so that you don’t lose all of your investments in this space. 

This is how BitCash became interesting to buy, considering there really hasn’t been a project that has been utilizing all of these three elements. 

Sending and receiving BitCash

One of the issues that stops people from using cryptocurrency is howthey will use it to pay, especially among businesses is the difficulty of use and sending back and forth in addresses. It’s not easy for businesses to handle, and even more difficult for their customers to handle. So basically BitCash has introduced this nickname handle which users can import. 

  • You can send BitCash to someone with their Twitter handle. 
  • You can send them to someone with their Instagram handle.
  • You could just create a link to basically hold your coins and that link could go out to anybody any way you wanted to. For example you could write it now on a piece of paper and give it to somebody and if they opened it up and they went to the internet they will all of sudden have BitCash. You could also email it to them, or text it for sure. This is howeasy it is to send BitCash. 


  • Nicknames

They have accounts with nicknames that you can use when you want to buy BitCash and this is one of the adoption things we’ve talked about before. If you show someone what their address is on the blockchain at first it’s overwhelming because they aren’t going to understand all this hexadecimal number that can be a 254characters long or something like that, so that ca be a little bit like a relief that you don’t really need to remember all that and because it uses nicknames instead of long blockchain addresses. That’s actually like testament to them worrying about mass adoption because if you can get it out there in a way that people can use it – meaning that long addresses- without knowing that they are using it, then that actually helps. 

  • The privacy element 

Another thing is that there’s the privacy element available on BitCash economy by using the MoneroStealth Address technology. Through this technology you don’t have to worry about sharing your clean nickname it will always use a new address or a stealth address to send you the money, and this is howall the transactions and buys in the chain will be private. 

  • Price info

In mint and burn feature you never know what’s your total supply is since it’s very volatile and changing all the time depending on who’s transferring in and out of BITC, so they have this website It’s basically a quick overview to what’s happening on the blockchain at the moment you are about to buy. It shows you things like the price for converting dollar to BitCash so you can know what the current value is, the dollar supply and other things. It basically lays information for you to keep an eye on what’s going on with the actual values and the circulating supply and all that stuff that matters when you want to buy BitCash. 

  • PeerQ 

On your pursuit to learn how to buy BitCash you’ll encounter their new tool PeerQ. They have got this new tool to try to help people to understand how to get BitCash.

What is PeerQ?

It’s a bounty question and answer type website where you can sponsor your own bounties. You can do some tasks and get the bounties for whatever you want.

PeerQ swap: 

They have also PeerQ swap and this is how users easily swap bitcoin for BitCash.

How does it work? 

  • You go online and sing up, when you do that you get a cool little profile pic. 
  • Once you do that you get your own BitCash wallet. 
  • Whether you’re going to give away bounties, or if you just want to have your own wallet and you’re going to be getting bounties, you’re going to this page and you’ll see your PeerQ wallet address. 
  • If you have some BitCash you can create your own bounty.

Exchanging BitCash for another crytocurrency

Being able to swap crypto from one point to another is an important feature to implement in any crypto project. BitCash has made some great strides in this area and that’s what we’re going to run through here. 

BitCash and Instaswap

In October 2019 they partnered with Instaswap and have integrated BTC and BITC, to swap into their desktop wallet. 

But what does that mean?

It means that within the desktop wallet you can exchange and buy BitCash for bitcoin without going to an actual exchange. So it’s done within the wallet. This feature utilizes the exchange to perform the functions required. They can be looked at as a build-in exchange BITC to BTC trading pair, and the benefits of this are marvelous. 

In this buy method no exchanges account required, no KYC or AML, no order books or any other complicated exchanges capabilities, and you don’t even have to look at charts or anything with thing like that. 

BitCash on exchanges 

BitCash is available on multiple exchanges, if you prefer to buy it there. They already have done massive amounts of listings. Some of these exchanges are: 

Stex, Citex, VinDAX, TOKO, Graviex, Crex24 and among others. They are also listed on a couple of retailers out there. 

They are also in discord with Banda Bot so you can tip BitCash with your friends.

BitCash wallet

The wallet is available on all desktop platforms. There’s also a web wallet as well for mobile users. There’s an Android wallet but unfortunately no IPhone version. To help ease of use when downloading the wallet there’s a Bootstrap available which syncs the blockchain and saves users time downloading from the start.


When you buy and download your wallet the first thing we recommend is encrypting your wallet and backing it up.

Wallet features 

  • It gives you a lot of detailed information about the coin, it tells you the value of USD, the value of your wallet based on that price and the updated supply that must be accurate for every block. 
  • A great feature is that it allows you to mine through the wallet with one click. So all you have to do is to choose the pools that you want to mine through.
  • There’s also the option for people to sell their BitCash through the wallet. 
  • There’s a dollar and a gold and it’s basically corresponds to the BitCash dollar and BitCash gold assets that are on the blockchain, a topic that we ran through earlier. 

The user history in the wallet

Another feature to talk about which is cool and unique for BitCash and again it’s addressing the core market which is businesses is the user history. So users are able to have a look at the links and what they’ve sent to people. The key thing here that users are able to print any statement of all transactions, and they’re able to go back and choose the year and the month and print transaction for that specified period. Having these e-statements makes it really user friendly for businesses. 

Something to remember when buying the wallet

When you are about to buy a wallet you’re advised to buy it only from trusted sources, either their website or their GitHub if they have one. You better focus on going straight to their website because it’s the safest way to buy, and then if that points you over to GitHub make sure that it’s the right GitHub location. 

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