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How to Buy and Send Bitcoins

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Many newcomers to the blockchain sphere are interested in the same question - how to send money with Bitcoinand what fees are charged for such operations? There are a lot of ways and services to perform this task. We will only look at proven options that allow you to transfer money from Bitcoin wallet and consider how to send money with BTC.

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What are the ways of withdrawal

Many people earn with the help of cryptocurrencies. They have a question at some point - how to send money with BTC-moneyto a payment system that works with fiat assets. 

Among the popular ways to withdraw BTC can be highlighted the following: 

  • online exchangers;
  • cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • payment systems;
  • intermediary resources, etc.

How to send money with bitcoin through an electronic wallet?

One of the common and popular options to withdraw cryptocurrencies in rubles or other fiat currencies is the use of electronic payment systems, such as Qiwi or Yandex.Money. In both cases, you will have to use third-party exchangers. You can study their rating and choose a reliable one in the service Bestchange. You need to specify the direction of the exchange, for example, BTC to Qiwi. After that you will see a list of appropriate exchangers working in this direction. They will be sorted automatically according to the profitability of the exchange rate.

You will have to choose a suitable site, go to it and fill out some empty fields. As a result your wallet will be charged a certain amount of BTC, and Qiwi or Yandex will receive the appropriate amount in rubles. 

If you do not want to search for third-party exchangers and to understand how to send money with Bitcoin on a simple example, you can resort to the service LocalBitcoins. In it, you need to find the BTC sales function and decide on the offer. There will be several options. In general, the procedure is simple and takes minimal time, and the service is quite reliable - there are no problems.

Withdraw bitcoins to PAYEER 

PAYEER is a global and very popuƖar payment system, which aƖso allows you to work with cryptocurrencies without commissions. You can replenish your wallet in dozens of ways, and there are different options for withdrawing assets. Free bank card PAYEER MasterCard will allow you to buy BTC and withdraw cash anywhere in the world and without commissions.

After a quick and elementary registration on the site you will be able to recharge your account in BTC or other fiat currency. You need to determine deposit method and specify amount of bitcoins to be transferred to PAYEER. Bitcoins withdrawal is necessary through the tab "Transfer", where you need to specify the amount to be withdrawn and the purpose of payment. Transfers to bank cards, other payment systems and even mobile operator accounts are possible. On average, they charge a commission of 3 to 5 percent for transactions.

How to buy and send bitcoinsthrough WebMoney?

Many people will find the way to withdraw money from the bitcoin wallet to Webmoney, because this electronic wallet is very common and is almost everyone. The main thing is to open a special account for BTC in the application - it is called WMX. Each unit corresponds to 1/1000 bitcoin, that is 1000 WMX = 1 BTC. 

The procedure of how to send money with Bitcointhrough Webman is elementary. First, you need to log in to the official website of the e-wallet and create it, if you have not already done so. You will need WMX, as mentioned above.

The wallet will be added to the list in the application and on the site, and will get a 12-digit number with the index X. Clicking on it twice, you will see full information about the account. Immediately below the card with the wallet number you will see the bitcoin address to make the transfers.

When bitcoins are transferred to WMX, you will have to exchange them to any other currency - dollars, rubles, euros, and others. To do this, you can use built-in exchanger or use third-party services (they usually have more favorable rates).

How to send btc via exchanges?

Using cryptocurrency exchanges to withdraw BTC is also very popular today. The way how to send money with Bitcoininvolves some kind of mediation and is accompanied by withdrawal of commission, but it has the right to exist, if other options for some reason do not suit you.

The difficulty or certain inconvenience lies in the fact that you have to register at the exchange, and some sites additionally require identification of the account, which takes extra time. If you want to withdraw money from your bitcoin wallet through exchanges, pay attention to the following trading platforms:

  • Binance
  • Poloniex
  • Bitfinex
  • Yobit
  • Exmo

If you decide to use Exmo, register on the official website and go to the Wallet. Find BTC in the list and select the depositing option. In the window that opens, create an address that must be copied. Then a transfer from Bitcoin walletiis made to it.

Then you need to exchange the funds in the exchange trading terminal and withdraw them again through the wallet. At the same time you need to select the appropriate option for cashing out fiat assets.

Withdrawal through intermediaries

You can send funds from Biteoin through intermediary resources, including virtual exchangers and P2P services. One popular option is the aforementioned localbitcoins - an iinternational platform that allows you to find a buyer for BTC at a favorable rate. 

Pretty popular service Bestchange, which is also designed to find suitable exchangers. The most dangerous way to withdraw money from BTC wallet to card through intermediary is to look for a partner on a forum. If you do not know the person, it may be very risky to contact him. Withdrawing coins this way is reasonable only if you know the person personally and trust him.

You should not trust untested options, it's better to use the one which is reliable and practical. J2TX is a crypto exchange functioning for more than 6 years, here you can start investing in Ethereum, buy tokens and read useful information.

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1) There are incredible predictions about the rate of Bitcoin, will it be worth more than 1 million or will it crash?

Either option is possible, or maybe both at once. Bitcoin could rise in value to $1 million and then crash. No one knows how high its value will go, and it is possible that bitcoin has already peaked. But it will probably never become completely worthless unless something catastrophic happens, such as a critical vulnerability in its source code being discovered.

2) What are the risks?

Something could undermine the demand for BTC, causing the value to plummet. It could be a technical problem, regulatory interference, or negative public opinion formed because of how much electricity is needed to mine bitcoin. It could also be something completely unforeseen. Or a new risky hobby will emerge and interest in bitcoin will fade.

3) Will the government continue to stay out of this and keep its nose out of it?

There's a good chance it won't. The government has already stepped in to a certain extent. Washington, for example, has allowed bitcoin futures to be traded, and they are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. For bitcoin to become a more authoritative and recognized part of the financial system, it will have to undergo regulation. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. 

Some investors believe that with more government regulation of BTC, the currency will finally be legalized and become more widespread.

4) Will cryptocurrencies replace the U.S. dollar and other currencies?

It's hard to believe...

Justine Underhill of Yahoo Finance asked Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen at a recent press conference if the organization was considering launching its own cryptocurrency. Yellen responded that central banks, including the Federal Reserve, are indeed exploring digital currencies, but she quipped that they are not similar to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, she said, is a volatile and highly risky asset. But she expressed no interest in regulating it.

5) Will cryptocurrencies ruin the global market?

Nope. According to a recent analysis by research firm Capital Economics, even if bitcoin collapses, it won't have a significant impact on the broader financial markets. For all the attention it receives, bitcoins market capitalization is still small, and the cryptocurrency is not involved in the real economy or the banking system. According to the analysis, a full destruction of BTC - with the price dropping to $0 - would be comparable to a 0.6% pullback in stocks. A small fraction of households could be affected; some people could lose millions of dollars. But many people with large savings in BTCs are early investors who invested in the cryptocurrency when its price was very low. It may seem like they are taking a big loss (if you focus on the bitcoin price at the peak), but their initial investments were pretty modest.

6) Will it ever be used as currency in conventional retail stores?

Depends on what it means to the retailer. If customers eventually find that paying with bitcoins is cheaper or easier than existing methods, then some merchants might decide to introduce BTC payment to gain a competitive advantage. They might even encourage customers to pay with bitcoin if the cost of transactions is cheaper for them than paying with a credit card. But widespread adoption of bitcoin is unlikely until its price becomes more stable.

7) Is there any reason why the average buyer might prefer cryptocurrency over credit cards?

Not really, not yet, unless you're trying to maintain anonymity. 

Cash obviously allows that. When larger purchases (and costs) are necessary, bitcoin offers both anonymity and electronic transaction security.

8) What percentage of global economic activity is accounted for by cryptocurrency transactions?

Very small. But bitcoins finance a significant amount of criminal activity.

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