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Best Bitcoin trading platform

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A Bitcoin exchange is a specific specialized marketplace where you can both sell and buy cryptocurrency like BTC. Such websites can be categorized as centralized or decentralized. They can be traded 24/7, compared to regular exchanges for marketing fiat currencies. But how do you find the best bitcoin trading platform?

The J2TX website gives you that opportunity, because you can get answers to your actual questions, invest in Ethereum or get rich by investing in one of the key coins - Ethereum.

Best sites to buy bitcoin, how to choose?

There are many BTC exchanges today, centralized and decentralized. Newbies choose among well-known sites with lovely repute and high marketing volumes.

The criteria by which Bitcoin sites are evaluated are individual. When pick up the best bitcoin trading platform, the next main criteria should be considered:

  • Toolkit functionality. Is it possible to read charts using a sufficient and, most importantly, convenient set of tools? Is it possible to set stop-losses and use limit orders? Is it possible apply familiar methods and tools?
  • The number of marketing pairs. No trader can say for sure what they will be trading in a couple of months, especially on the digital assets market. And that's why it's worth anticipating development opportunities in advance. The best bitcoin trading platform should have this quality.
  • Marketing capacity. The increased liquidity of the web-resource is directly proportional to the item of traders on the exchange, its profitability, as well as the efforts that are spent on the safety of users' financial resources.
  • Amount of commission. When making transactions, the web-resource deducts a commission. Usually they are from 0.1 percent to 0.25 percent of the transaction, which is imperceptible when playing on daily and weekly charts, but is able to eat up a significant portion of the profits of the intraday trader.
  • Account funding. Some web-resources accept only digital coins, while others accept dollars and euros in addition to coins. Only a few BTC exchanges work with rubles (directly or through a processing company). So if you are really looking for the pretty platform for bitcoin marketing, you should pay attention to this aspect.

The indicators described above are the first thing to analyze when choosing the best bitcoin trading platform. If all the points suit you, you should also examine the following points:

  • The reputation of the organization. Spend time researching reviews and materials about the exchange online. News, scandals, hacking facts will provide enough information to plan your next steps;
  • KYC procedure. Somewhere you will not be asked to confirm almost any information about yourself and will be given the opportunity to work, albeit with restrictions. On other sites, in order to start marketing you will have to provide a lot of information about yourself and confirm its veracity;
  • Jurisdiction. Regulation can slow down or speed up the development of an exchange. It is better to select web-resources, which are located in small, loyal to cryptocurrencies countries.

Best bitcoin trading platform

The easiest road to buy BTC urgently at a favorable exchange rate is to use BestChange service. There, in addition to bitcoin exchanger sites, 1 of the pages offers a list of crypto-exchanges with purchase rates, ranked in ascending order. The ranking is updated dynamically in real time.

Let's consider separately the best bitcoin trading platforms by popularity, level of service and security of crypto exchanges, which are chosen by the majority of cryptocurrency traders, investors and ordinary users. Let's try to compile a top that will reflect each exchange from the category "best bitcoin trading platform".


Binance is the "best platform for trading bitcoins" and numerical assets in 2020. Feel up to offer a variety of services, training materials, support for about 15 - 20 common languages, including Russian, as well as security at the highest level.

More species than 361 coins are listed. More than 1220 marketing couples are available. Viewing graphics while commerce are integrated into the marketing terminal. It is a universal web-resource, suitable for any category of users.

Approximately once a month, the site holds lottery-style IEOs (Binance Launchpad web-resource) that use Binance Coin's own ERC20 token (BNB).


A startup registered in 2014 and headquartered in Hong Kong. A multi-currency crypto-exchange with the ability to store and conduct transactions with fiat assets represented by the Chinese yuan.

Along with Binance and Huobi, it is 1 of the "Big-3" and belongs to the best platform for bitcoin trading. Its possibilities are concentrated primarily on skilled traders who know what margin marketing is and use leverage.

It offers over 700 trading pairs. In addition, BTC futures.

Several interface languages are supported. A peculiar feature is the optional verification, which is important in terms of anonymity. However, for unverified users it is a limit on the marketing volume ($124 per day).

Security is up to the mark. two-level authentication is used by all users.

From the disadvantages - the reserve of funds takes a great while and the need to pass the verification for full-fledged marketing.


Just like other sites, the web resource of Chinese origin Huobi is a top service, opened 7 years ago. It is the largest by size. It has a large staff (more 1,000 people), is constantly expanding its network of branches around the world. The headquarters of this Bitcoin exchange is located in Singapore. Has received licenses from Japanese and South Korean regulators. The CEO is Leon Lee.

Among the assets available for trading - 330 cryptocurrencies and 970 marketing pairs. It has its own coin - Huobi Token (HT).


The Bitfinex exchange appeared in 2012 in Hong Kong. One of the first to translate the interface into Russian (along with English and Chinese). That makes it popular among users from post-Soviet countries.

It has a high level of security, applies a multi-step approach to its compliance. Measures include mandatory two-factor authentication and a ban on withdrawals when connecting from an unknown IP address.

Deposits in fiat as well as more than 20 popular digital assets are accepted. Leverage trading is possible and a wide range of marketing pairs is available. Has its own mobile application Bitfinex App, so this swap is also the best platform for trading bitcoins.


Founded in 2014 in Seattle, USA, the best bitcoin trading platform Bittrex is firmly in the top 10. This is largely due to the broad support for altcoins. There are many trading pairs involving them on the web-resource, which gives the startup the unofficial title of the leading alternative coin exchange.

The project uses a tiered wallet structure. Most of the funds are stored in cold vaults with no connection to the Internet.

Of fiat, only the U.S. dollar is available. Traders are given the opportunity to use different classes of orders, but there is no margin marketing.

The commission rate is average on the market.


The best bitcoin trading platform focused on Turkey, Eastern Europe and CIS citizens. It exists for more than 5 years.

The interface supports Russian and Ukrainian languages. Users are offered about 189 marketing pairs, as well as the possibility of using more than 6 fiat currencies - there is the dollar, euro, ruble, hryvnias, Polish zloty and Turkish lira. The account is funded directly from the bank card.

The daily marketing volume is approximately $182.75 million. The Administration provides feedback to the users through the web-resource in Youtube-channel and Telegram-chat. Verification of the account is not needed, but more functionality is available upon its completion.

User funds are insured against loss due to hacking.


J2TX site is an important competitor of experienced exchanges, the web-resource is aimed at the global market and supports payment in dollars, no wonder it got into this top crypto exchanges. J2TX is based on simplicity, speed and accessibility. The company is also licensed and has been operating for over 5 years.

Quality service, user-friendly interface and available support make the websites dominate the current and previous years.

Both Ethereum and BTC can be purchased here or invested in the same tokens.

J2TX is the best bitcoin trading platform of today and likely of the futurity.

The best platform to buy cryptocurrency J2TX or not?

J2TX is the pretty platform to swap BTC-money and here's why:

  • The swap has almost no transaction fees, meaning you pay only 0.95% and get your desired crypto instantly.
  • The transfer takes less than 10 minutes. Yes, yes, J2TX was named the best bitcoin trading platform for a reason, here you get the asset you want to take over in just a couple of minutes.
  • You can invest in both Ethereum and the right to invest in tokens is open to you with earnings up to 50% of the profit.
  • The site provides customers with a wealth of information, only useful and relevant breakdowns and articles about the world of crypto.
  • Easy registration and verification. Utilizing the best bitcoin trading platform you register and activate your registry record, spending no more than 5-10 minutes, and verification helps ensure players are protected.
  • The site can be customized for many languages, with 8+ available on the site.
  • The website cooperates only with reliable payment systems like MasterCard and Visa.

J2TX is undeniably reliable, trustworthy and learning. It's not called the best bitcoin trading platform for nothing.

Trade and buying here is a chance to become a mature trader without taking risks or wasting a lot of unnecessary time.

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