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Who accepts Bitcoins?

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The places where you can pay with bitcoins are constantly growing. Already more than 16 thousand business centers, outlets and stores, websites, including online accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

And this number is constantly increasing - let's understand where you can disburse with bitcoins both online and in real life in 2021.

Who accepts bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies have start off incredibly debated lately, as both coin popularizers and economists are talking about them, normal people aren't left out either. Millions of people have come to believe and started buying coins and numerical currency. But, while previously it may only be bought, it is now open to mankind to spend and use them for their own purposes.

Now thousands of companies and organizations have implemented such a payment method as cryptocurrencies into their systems. People have even come up with special services to help find a list of companies that cooperate with the cryptosphere. Such Internet resources are incredibly few in the eastern part of Europe, but they are abundant in the United States. Numerical money began to take even the world's major companies, here you can find KFC, Subway and others.

Coin vendors, various retailers and businesses take anyone who wants in shopping for cryptocurrencies and takes them quickly, but nothing compares to a J2TX vendors.

You can buy coins from the equally popular and interesting website J2TX, which will provide you an easy way to buy such an asset, as well as an opportunity to learn answers to questions about cryptocurrencies or earn money investing in tokens.

J2TX is not just any ordinary merchants, it's a whole complex connected with the crypto market and available not only in the UK, but all over the globe.

Who accepts bitcoin as payment and how to spend it?

More and more companies/web-resource on the planet are implementing systems for taking numerical money. BTC right now can be used to pay for Amazon/eBay, to pay taxes, to pay for public transportation, to name a few

Six years ago, in 2015, the total volume of Bitcoin transactions surpassed the U.S. Western Union payment system. Since then, there have been many larger companies that taking numerical coins through dedicated services or directly:

  • AirBaltic, an airline;
  • Amazon, eBay - mass-market goods;
  • Dell, a PC company;
  • Etsy - peer-to-peer e-commerce platform
  • PayPal - electronic payment system;
  • Reddit, a social media website;
  • Time - a popular American magazine;
  • WordPress - a websites management system.

Digital money is used to pay for travel, online game purchases, freelance services, startups and blockchain projects (ICOs).

How do I pay for a product or service online with bitcoins? What sites? Paying in cryptocurrency is done in several ways and is almost the same in different places:

  • scan a QR code with a smartphone with a system installed in the required cryptocurrency
  • transfer funds to a specified wallet
  • to pay with the help of third-party payment systems that accept digital money

To find out whether the service supports the possibility of working with cryptocurrencies, it's enough to clarify it with a salesperson or a consultant.

In addition, there are gift cards. They allow you to pay for goods with cryptocurrency, for example, on Amazon. Thanks to these services opens access to an absolutely unlimited market of goods. There are also specialized sites online to search for companies to find those that cooperate with cryptocurrencies.

The largest search service that allows you to find who accepts bitcoin and where you can pay with them online is, which has a database of over 100,000 customers and represents merchants from all over the world. is a similar portal with extended functionality. - map of the world with markers of places where you can freely pay with digital money. - search for bitcoin ATMs.

It is commonly believed that businesses and retailers are the best options for takes coins and shopping, but J2TX has proven that what is accepted is not always the best. The service helps you find answers to important questions and even shares important information about who accepts bitcoins, where and how in a separate section.

It is accepted here to shopping coins easily, quickly and cheaply.

What companies accept bitcoin top list of the most popular ones?

1. Overstock

Overstock is a pioneer in establishing crypto coins as a payment method, this innovation the company introduced in 2014. In the same year, these merchants worked with only one coin - Bitcoin, and already later, after the establishment of partnerships with the site ShapeShift, began to take a number of Internet currencies, here you could even find Dash and Monero.

In order to make a purchase transaction, it was only necessary to select the desired coin and make the purchase in stores. After that, the platform would automatically send the funds. Just like any third-party platform, though.

2. AirBaltic

Latvia's national air carrier also didn't stand aside and showed that air travel can also follow innovation. The company-shops has been working with cryptocurrencies since two thousand fourteen! At the moment, it is eventual to buy a ticket for this currency to any destination, be it CIS, East or Europe.

Main. Director of the organization expressed that his organization is one of the few that go to market with modern and improving.

This air carrier from Latvia showed the whole world that it follows innovations and began to accept crypto coins as payment and continues to this day, despite the fact that more than 8 years have passed. You can buy tickets from him for any flight, be it the CIS countries or Europe.

For transactions AirBaltic partners with a platform such as Bitpay, which allows you to exchange crypto in euros at the current exchange rate.

3. Expedia

Just like AirBaltic, the booking organization Expedia has implemented Bitcoins in its financial operations. Now visitors have the opportunity to book a hotel or plane by paying with digital coins. The service, in turn, does not engage in any crypto transactions, but nevertheless cooperates with the Coinbase exchange, which instantly converts coins into dollars and sends fiat funds to Expedia.

But such a perfect system always has unpleasant holes, and here they are presented in the form of a ban on cancellation of paid reservations. According to Expedia representatives, this depends entirely on how the blockchain works.

4. Subway

The fast food retailer Subway is also not oblivious to innovation and has introduced the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, only one BTC. Not only does the organization allow coin payments in a huge piece of countries around the world, but it even offers a discount for paying in digital currency - that's what they call progress!

In 2017, many were talking about technologies at Subway, the organization was planning to start taking a range of cryptocurrencies, and while it's not clear how soon these innovations will take effect, you can still use BTC to pay for food at this restaurant chain

5. KFC

The well-established KFC brand began introducing bitcoin acceptance in its restaurants 3 years ago. Initially, the company even launched a promotion that sold a Bitcoin Bucket to attract customers and let everyone know about the start of the partnership.

In addition, the company created a personal promotion for the creator of the coin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The owners lured the anonymous person with a bucket of free fried chicken to uncover his identity.

6. PayPal

PayPal became almost the very first financial platform to believe in the crypto market. The organization incorporated them into its work almost immediately. And in the coming years, it is planned to pair coins with the Venmo app.

Additionally, the company is committed to creating and launching a personal system that provides platforms for transactions. And it has already entered into business agreements with blockchain startup Paxos. Proceeding from this, there's not much left for about 325 mln. PayPal users to be able to buy, store or exchange bitcoins directly in service.

And while this isn't the case, you can always use J2TX, which offers an easy exchange or buy coins on its homepage and invest in ETH. It's not just a service for people in the UK, it's an opportunity to become an investor from anywhere in the world.

7. Shopify

Shopify, like its adversary Overstock is also incorporating new technology into its systems and introducing crypto payment. Now everyone, in addition to creating their own shopify, can also pay for purchases. At the moment, the service accept Bitcoins and only them, but soon we will see the changes and additions.

The administration of the resource notify that BTC-deals require much more time than usual transactions, but contrary this, users have a positive attitude towards the technology.

8. Microsoft

12.2014 Microsoft opened a bitcoin settlement feature in numerical info stores or shops. This feature made fans of X-box games very happy. Regardless of the organization also got into trouble, which, by the road, was the bye of the product for coins.

In the same year, 2014, the company's sites had an unexpected announcement that the use of BTC in the Microsoft registry record was being discontinued. A few hours later, company leaders apologized and deactivated the strange publication, saying it was nothing more than an accidental mistake.

A similar thing happened later, 01.2018: the organization eliminated the capacity to pay for a couple of days, but currently it is functioning normally. Most likely, the organization is frightened by the incredible changes and bitcoin spikes, however, the IT-tech giant is not currently considering ditching digital coins.

9. Starbucks

Starbucks has also been among those supporting the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a fast-growing new payment method in its coffee shops and restaurants in the United States. This became active thanks to the Spedn app. Thanks to it, payment can be made in Bitcoins. The creators of the app claim that it is completely safe from fraudulent payments, as well as helping to decrease fees and operating costs.

Additional features are also predicted for the app, which will have a sufficient set of features to pay for coffee in establishments in absolutely any varieties of digital assets. We can expect such currencies as Bitcoin Cash, ETC, Gemini Dollar and many other variations. The form of calculation will be as much as possible similar to the same Apple/Google Pay. This installation forms a one-time code in the form of QR and shows it on the screen of your smartphone, and then you only need to attach a code to the scanner of the cash register.

Already in the coming year is expected to include more than half a thousand stores, which are located throughout the UK in the application calculation Spedn.

Coin vendors, various retailers and businesses provide coin takes to anyone who accepts bitcoin.

What stores accept bitcoin worldwide?

Many people ask, "Who accepts bitcoin," and the answer is simple enough.

Various stores accept this asset, let's take a look at some of them:

1. Joli. A small company from Amsterdam that makes handmade leather cases for cell phones and Apple products.

2. Beloved. An online store for fashion clothing and accessories with a lot of interesting offers in the assortment.

3. Cloudy Sky Leatherworks. Another service for the sale of accessories made of leather. In the range: cases for mobile devices, watch straps, and more.

4. Fangamer. "Online flea marketplace" where you can find small things for every taste: from amulets and trinkets to books, clothes, and art.

5. LollyPhile. A very interesting startup that makes and sells round lollipops with extravagant flavors. Here you can order wine lollipops, lollipops flavored with different cheeses, passion fruit, cake with frosting, etc.

6. This is Ground. Again, the covers. But not only: you can also buy purses, handbags and a lot of different accessories.

7. Orbit Streetwear. Orbit Streetwear is a brand of fashionable t-shirts, tops, and sweaters that has recently started accepting bitcoins as well.

8. Lurings. Handmade designer earrings made from fishing hooks are what you can buy for bitcoin. All of the earrings are named after bodies of water around Western Montana.

9. Bridget Bunchy. Online store of designer items: bags, pouches, earrings and more.

10. Mindzai. Service for the sale of designer toys, clothes and a variety of goods for creativity, where you can pay with bitcoins.

And to buy the digital coin itself you should look at the J2TX website, here you can buy coins, sell them or start investing in Ethereum. The platform makes the exchange quick and easy.

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