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Where can I buy Ethereum?


Ethereum is the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world. Its rapid growth at the end of 2017 attracted the attention of many investors and miners. Buyingethertoday means buying a valuable asset that can bring good income in the future. But how to buy Ethereum today, instantly and regardless of whether you are in New York or Moscow?

Which wallet to use?

If you decided to become an owner of popular cryptocurrency, but you don’t know how to buy Ethereum, first of all you need to decide where you will store it: you will need to create a digital ether wallet. To date, there are five different types:

The first two options are installed as applications on your local device (PC or smartphone), where your secret vault keys are located. Online wallets store all information on cloud servers. Hardware storage is implemented through a separate physical device. A paper wallet stores your savings on a printed certificate.

The best way to invest in Eth is J2TX, which not only provides high-speed transactions for buying and exchanging digital gold, but also does not charge interest! Additionally, you can explore the intricacies of the crypto world and learn a lot of interesting things in the “Blog” section.

J2TX is a versatile way to go from beginner to investment guru!

Where can i buy ethereum?

Having decided on a secure storage method, the question arises how to buy Ethereum and then you can get acquainted with the options to buy the cryptocurrency. There are several of them as well. You can buy coins through cryptocurrency exchanges or use a convenient service of online exchangers. Let’s consider each option in detail.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Exchanges are specialized platforms for trading various assets. They have much more functionality than simple exchangers, which is why they are so popular in the UK, Canada and even India. Here you can not only buy or sell currency, but also make money on its fluctuations. Commission when you buy ETH this way will be minimal.

Each new user of the service must pass a simple registration, but to withdraw money from the exchange, the verification of the account.

The exchange also does not bind you to the location, that is, regardless of whether you are in Canada, UK or India, you can use the services of the other countries.


Buying (selling) Eth through an exchange service is simple and easy. If the currency is bought for digital money, you don’t need registration, you just choose two types of cryptocurrency, enter two wallet addresses, agree to the terms and start exchanging.

Telegram bot

If you find it difficult to get acquainted with the rules of exchange or exchange bots, you have a negative attitude towards new registrations or do not want to learn the terms of services, there is great news for you:

It is possible to buy Ether in Telegram through a bot and it does not matter whether you live in New York or Tokyo.

All you need to buy or sell Ethereum is to be a Telegram messenger user and add the bot to your contact list. Follow the instructions and make exchange transactions through the listings you are interested in.

Personal Buying

If you don’t trust any online systems for buying or selling coins, it’s time to take advantage of the last option - buying coins in person.

For this, you only need to find a person on thematic resources who will agree to buy|sell you cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currency. Hold a face-to-face meeting, swap, and each of you gets the desired asset.

How to buy ethereum?

Once you’ve chosen your desired method of purchase, it’s time to learn how to buy Ethereum in each of them.


Registering an account with a cryptocurrency exchange involves the following steps:

In order to deposit money via a bank card, the service will ask you to provide information about the card and confirm that you are its owner:

Once a card is linked to your profile, you can promptly use it to fund your deposits. You can add several cards to your profile at once and select them as needed.

The exchanger

To buy Ethereum from an exchanger, you need to select the payment service, the currency you are buying, and fill in the fields that open:

Clicking on the button “Start exchange”, you will open the internet banking site, where you will need to check the filled in details and confirm the payment.

After performing these simple steps, the asset will be credited to your account.

Transactions in Telegram and in person do not require any data, so the question “how to buy Ethereum” should not arise for anyone - we will omit the analysis of these two methods.

Where to buy ether is the most reliable place?

You probably won’t find anything more reliable than J2TX platform, because it is not a new service, but a platform with more than six years of experience! India, Canada, UK - it doesn’t matter! At J2TX you can make investments in the most popular cryptocurrencies and without strict requirements.

Here you can also purchase company tokens instantly, which will provide you with a stable, high, and most importantly, constant income, and the purchase is done instantly.

There will be no questions about how to buy Ethereum from New York or Minsk, because all you have to do to start is to create an account, go through a simple KYC procedure, activate the payment system and make a new step into the world of crypto. A wide world of possibilities and technologies will open to you.

By installing the application, you can become a successful trader or investor by purchasing shares of the most famous companies on the planet. Canada, UK, India - anyone, anywhere - the platform is available to all!

J2TX - Ample opportunities, flexible solutions and great service!


1. What is Ethereum?

It is a decentralized web resource based on Ether crypto coins that contains smart contacts.

2. Is Ethereum based on bitcoins?

Partially yes, but only regarding the use of the blockchain that Bitcoin first began to use. Ether has a separate blockchain that contains certain technical features that are different from the same Bitcoin.

3. Who invented ethereum?

Ethereum - was created by a Canadian programmer of Russian origin - Vîtalik Buterin.

4. What is the future of Ethereum?

Еther developers plan to switch from the consensus Proof-of-Work model to Proof-of-Stake in the future. They are also exploring scalable solutions and ways to store secrets in the blockchain.

5. Ethereum: how to make money on it

It’s pretty simple here. There are two ways to capitalize on it:

First, you can invest in Ethereum. Etherium appreciates against the dollar and the ruble every year. And it grows at times, i.e. by hundreds of percent.

To make a profit from Ethereum, they need to buy it at first (we will talk about where and how later), and then after some time to sell it. From the difference in rates we make a profit.

Second, you can create the Ethereum yourself by calculating new blocks (in essence, new ethereums) on your computer. This process is also called mining.

6. Are all contacts and data contained and transmitted by the Ethereum network encrypted?

Data and contracts on the ether network are encrypted but not encrypted. Everyone can check the behavior of the contracts and the data they send. However, you can always encrypt the data locally before transmitting it to the network.

7. Can a deal be sent by a third-party?

Technically yes, but there is an important limitation unlike bitcoin-signed transactions: in ether a t deal has a one-time number. (More specifically, each account increments the counter when a deal is sent, based on how many transactions have been sent. If 3 deals have ever been sent from an account, the one-time account number will be 3).

8. How long does it take to load the block chain?

The Ethereum blockchain is continuously expanding and is approaching 10 GB as of March 2016. The time it takes to complete the boot process is subject to a dependency on the number of peers you can connect to, the speed of your internet connection, and other factors.

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