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Top Bitcoin Trading Platforms: Find the Best for 2021


A Bitcoin exchange is a specialized marketplace where you can sell and buy cryptocurrencies like BTC. These websites are categorized as either centralized or decentralized and offer trading 24/7, unlike traditional exchanges for fiat currencies. But how do you find the best Bitcoin trading platform?

The J2TX website offers this opportunity, as it provides answers to your pressing questions and the chance to invest in Ethereum or enrich your portfolio by investing in one of the key coins, Ethereum.

Best Sites to Buy Bitcoin: How to Choose?

Today, there are numerous BTC exchanges available, both centralized and decentralized. For beginners, it’s advisable to opt for well-known platforms with a good reputation and high trading volumes.

When selecting the best Bitcoin trading platform, consider the following key criteria:

Once you’ve evaluated these factors, also investigate the following:

By considering these criteria, you can make an informed decision when choosing the best Bitcoin trading platform.

Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms: A Comprehensive Review

For those seeking the easiest and most efficient way to buy BTC at a favorable exchange rate, BestChange service is a valuable resource. Alongside bitcoin exchanger listings, one of its pages provides a real-time updated ranking of crypto-exchanges based on their purchase rates.

Let’s delve into a detailed examination of the best bitcoin trading platforms in terms of popularity, service quality, and security – the preferences of cryptocurrency traders, investors, and everyday users. Our goal is to compile a top list that truly represents the category of the ‘best bitcoin trading platform.‘


Binance stands out as the top platform for trading bitcoins and other digital assets in 2020. It boasts a wide range of services, comprehensive educational materials, multilingual support (including Russian), and top-notch security measures.

With over 361 listed cryptocurrencies and more than 1,220 trading pairs available, Binance caters to traders of all levels. The platform also integrates real-time charting tools into its trading terminal. Notably, Binance regularly hosts lottery-style Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) on its Binance Launchpad platform, utilizing its native ERC20 token, Binance Coin (BNB).


Established as a startup in 2014 and headquartered in Hong Kong, OKex is a multi-currency crypto-exchange known for its ability to store and transact with fiat assets, including the Chinese yuan. It ranks among the ‘Big-3’ alongside Binance and Huobi, making it one of the top platforms for bitcoin trading. OKex primarily caters to experienced traders familiar with margin trading and leverage.

The exchange offers over 700 trading pairs, including BTC futures, and supports several interface languages. Notably, OKex allows optional verification, providing anonymity to users. However, unverified users face a daily marketing volume limit of $124. Security measures include two-level authentication for all users.

While OKex boasts strong security, it may require a significant amount of time for fund withdrawals and full-fledged trading necessitates passing verification.


Huobi, a Chinese-origin web resource, is another prominent player in the cryptocurrency exchange arena. Established seven years ago, it stands as one of the largest exchanges with over 1,000 employees and a global network of branches. Huobi’s headquarters are in Singapore, and it holds licenses from Japanese and South Korean regulators, with Leon Lee serving as CEO.

Huobi offers trading for 330 cryptocurrencies and 970 trading pairs. The exchange has its own native coin, Huobi Token (HT).


Bitfinex, founded in 2012 in Hong Kong, was among the early adopters to provide an interface in Russian, alongside English and Chinese, which has contributed to its popularity among users in post-Soviet countries. Bitfinex prioritizes security with a multi-step compliance approach, including mandatory two-factor authentication and IP address restrictions for withdrawals.

The exchange accepts deposits in fiat currencies and offers trading for more than 20 popular digital assets. Leveraged trading is available, along with a wide range of trading pairs. Bitfinex also provides a mobile application, Bitfinex App, further solidifying its position as one of the best platforms for trading bitcoins.


Founded in 2014 in Seattle, USA, Bittrex has firmly secured its position among the top 10 bitcoin trading platforms. Its reputation is largely built on robust support for altcoins, boasting numerous trading pairs involving these digital assets. This specialization has earned Bittrex the unofficial title of the leading alternative coin exchange.

The platform employs a tiered wallet structure, with the majority of funds stored in cold vaults that are not connected to the Internet. Bittrex offers trading exclusively in U.S. dollars and provides traders with various order types. However, it does not offer margin trading. Its commission rates are in line with the market average.


EXMO is a bitcoin trading platform primarily focused on serving citizens of Turkey, Eastern Europe, and the CIS region. With over five years of existence, it has established a strong presence in these markets.

The platform’s interface supports Russian and Ukrainian languages. Users have access to approximately 189 trading pairs and can transact in more than six fiat currencies, including the U.S. dollar, euro, ruble, hryvnias, Polish zloty, and Turkish lira. EXMO allows direct funding of accounts from bank cards.

The daily trading volume on EXMO reaches approximately $182.75 million. The platform offers user feedback through its YouTube channel and Telegram chat. While account verification is not mandatory, completing it unlocks additional functionality. User funds are insured against loss due to hacking.


J2TX is a formidable competitor among established exchanges, catering to the global market and facilitating transactions in U.S. dollars. Its inclusion in this list of top crypto exchanges is a testament to its performance. J2TX prioritizes simplicity, speed, and accessibility, making it a preferred choice for both novice and experienced traders.

The company holds licenses and has been operational for over five years. J2TX stands out for its quality service, user-friendly interface, and responsive customer support. Users can purchase both Ethereum and BTC on the platform, making it a versatile option.

J2TX is considered one of the best bitcoin trading platforms currently and is poised to maintain its position in the future.

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