Create an account or trade from your ETH wallet
Creating a wallet in our application is 100% secure, since we don't have access to your private key. All transactions are guaranteed by smart contracts and are absolutely transparent. In addition, you don't need to create a new wallet for trading - we provide the opportunity to use your existing Ethereum wallet to buy securities.
Exlpore J2TX App
Use View Mode to see how our app works. You can select any J2TX account and explore all transactions made with it. If you want to buy a share in your favorite company, go to the Trade Mode and get access to 1000+ instruments and cryptocurrency pairs. With J2TX you can invest ETH in Apple!
Fund your wallet
Don't have ETH in your wallet? Use our exchange service to buy Cryptocurrency using your credit card. Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
Invest ETH in Stocks
J2TX allows you to buy & sell US Stocks & Crypto directly with ETH. Including: Apple, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Amazon, BTC, ETH and more! No currency risk, ETH is not converted to USD.
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