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Low Fees
We charge one of the lowest fees per transaction. Our fixed fee is only 0.95% for exchange.
Fast Transactions
Transactions takes minutes. Usually you can receive your asset in as little as 1-5 minutes.
Flexible Limits
Limits for transactions are flexible. The only limit is applied to the transactions up to $25000.
Payment is convinient. Use both Visa or Master Card to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin by our exchange.
Benefits for J2TD Token holders
Token holders receive 50% of the income of the entire J2TX Ecosystem + 10% of the income of our partner Just2Trade Learn more
Easy Verification
KYC procedure is simplified and takes just a few steps. It is supereasy with properly uploaded documents.


  • How do I acquire digital assets?

    To purchase on our site you can refer to the detailed instructions where each step of the deal is described in detail. You can find similar material by following this link.

  • How do I get my personal crypto wallet address?

    A wallet address is a combination of 26 to 35 digits mixed with letters. This address is able to identify your wallet. It usually starts with 3 or 1 and is case sensitive.

    This combination is necessary when you wish to perform a transaction with your fiat money or digital coins. It is necessary to successfully validate and execute a bank deal. It is also known as an «Open Key» and is often identified as a Bitcoin wallet.

    You can find it on different resources in completely different sections, but leading to the common, you can find this data in the «Wallet» section by clicking on the «get» or «send» button, the number will be displayed immediately after clicking on it.

    Contact our customer service if you can't handle it yourself.

  • What should be done when closing a deal but not receiving assets?

    If there are problems with your deal, you should not panic and get nervous. Sometimes such failures happen and are successfully resolved.

    Start by checking the approval and confirmation of your transaction network, and then carefully examine the address (BTC-wallet) that you deposited, because it often happens that investors are wrong by one digit or letter, and funds go to a completely different user. If, nevertheless, the address turned out to be correct and the transaction was closed with the indication of this particular address (i.e. the correct wallet), and the deal itself was confirmed and passed by the network, oh make sure to fully synchronize the wallet, as well as update it, because it also takes time to reflect on the account. If you did not find the reason for a failed transaction, then check the transaction block on J2TX itself, as a rule, if the transaction is successful and there are no problems from the bank, then the transaction will not reflect on the resource itself, then you just need to write us and we will figure it all out.

  • How to make a bank transaction yourself?

    At the time of the deal, you are automatically sent information that you can use for a manual transaction - SEPA transfer. Once you receive this information, you should go to your online banking and click the appropriate button to start the SEPA transaction. Do not forget about the unique payment link issued by the J2TX service. Once you have completed these steps and entered the information requested by the transaction itself, go to our website and approve the transaction by clicking on the corresponding active "I paid the transaction" button.

  • I entered incorrect information in the transaction regarding the payment link, now what should I do?

    Be kind to exclude all negative and sad emotions, because while you are worrying, you are missing valuable minutes. We recommend that you, after specifying an incorrect link, write to you immediately. That way you'll increase the chances of an immediate response from our team of experts.

    Tell in detail the whole situation and try not to stretch the time of the conversation, because time is passing, and the deal still has a chance to cancel and get your money back. Also, after explaining the situation and introducing it to the specialist, you should give details such as your e-mail address, the personal identifier of the transaction which was carried out with the incorrect information, your ID of the transaction, as well as the bank IBAN.

  • I have not added the transaction ID/payment purpose label/memo text to my personal crypto wallet address, what should I do?

    Please, as soon as you happened to you, write to our employees in the chat, as this is a faster way of communication. Promptly explain what happened to you, and then give the specialist additional information in the form of details of what happened, your personal e-mail address, tell what amount of money you made the operation, your order id, as well as the identifier of the completed operation.

    The employee will study your situation and try to solve it in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, you can contact your bank's call center.

  • Do I have the right to transfer my personal coins to third parties, such as ICOs, merchants or any online platforms?

    Here on the site, you are not allowed to transfer personal digital assets through the J2TX Order to intermediaries like merchants, the same ICOs, or online services. However, you can still transfer them if necessary, you can transfer digital assets to third parties, but only by sending them directly from your personal cryptocurrency wallet.

  • My bank has frozen my deal, what should I do now?

    We do not have the authority to make changes to transactions regarding bank transactions. This is a matter for the banking service alone, so it is the first authority you should turn to for clarification. Explain calmly and intelligently what has happened and give all the information that the employee asks of you. Usually, the bank resolves issues as quickly and efficiently as possible without any problems or publicity.

    However, this is not always the case, so the door to the chat service J2TX is always open, you can contact us if you have problems or your bank does not want to fix the situation and solve your problems.

  • How can I buy Ethereum?

    There are several ways to buy Ethereum:

    оn P2P platforms

    Here you will have to find a seller or someone willing to buy/sell your assets. The seller in this case is a physical person and needs to be found close to you. With this buying option, you just need to transfer your funds to the buyer's account, and he will send the digital assets to your cryptocurrency wallet during the exchange.

    at exchangers

    Here you need to create an account and verify yourself as a person, as well as your payment information, select the currency of purchase, specify the number of assets, enter the number of assets to buy, as well as specify the address of your bitcoin wallet. The exchange îs made in one click.

    on exchanges

    On the exchanger, you do not need an account and verification, and the buying procedure is completely similar to the exchanger.

  • What currency can I buy Ethereum in?

    You can buy Ethereum in foreign currencies like dollars, euros, yuan, lira, and other currencies, as well as local currencies, depending on where you live. It can be rubles, hryvnias, zloty, kroons, and others.

    Today you can also buy such an asset for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or DodgeCoin.

With the development of many aspects of human life, came the development in the field of finance. Now mankind is closely familiar with the concept of "cryptocurrency", which over time is becoming more and more popular due to its security, privacy, and other components.

Bright representatives of this digital currency are bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin and others. If with Bitcoin everything is more or less obvious, with ethereum there are some interesting questions: what is it, why is this cryptocurrency so popular, and most importantly, how and where to buy it?


The widely used token Ethereum, or ether (ETH), is among the most popular and top cryptocurrencies on the planet. ETH is a classic of the cryptocurrency market. In terms of market value, as of 04.2019, it completes the top three cryptocurrencies ($16.35 billion), second only to bitcoin (market value $92.57 billion) and Ripply ($29.36 billion).

The assets of these coins have fallen significantly since reaching their highest point in February 2021, but in spite of everything, there are important reasons to add this asset to your investment portfolio, because the market is expanding due to the flow of innovation continue to appear on the market. 04. 2019, the price of Ethereum has locked in at $152. The key interest in this cryptocurrency was due to its connection to the Ethereum network. Simply put, ETH was a source of strength, demonstrating the power and capabilities of this network. Because the network offers much greater growth opportunities, Ethereum is among the investments that most would consider much more worthwhile than investing in Bitcoin. Ethereum also boasts the fact that many financial institutions are set up to install this currency, and many Fortune 500 companies support it. For these and other key aspects, investors prefer to add this type of asset to their investment portfolios.

Benefits and Why Buy Ethereum?

Ethereum is not just another cryptocurrency with lots of possibilities, it is a much more valuable asset than it can seem at first sight, and here is why:

Unlimited issue.

The main competitor Bitcoin or the same Ripple has a software limit on the maximum number of coins that can be issued. Ethereum has no such limit, which means, theoretically, it can maintain its potential forever.

Stable rewards.

Bitcoin and Ripple networks have a software regulation, according to which the number of coins in a block is periodically reduced by half. In the early days, 50 coins were given out per BTC block. Now their number has dropped to 12.5. Ripple also started with 50. Now they give 25 coins per block. Such a principle is quite justified. Thanks to it, the cryptocurrency does not reach the peak of its capabilities too quickly. However, these currencies have limited issuance, and Ethereum does not. For this reason, the reward per block remains the same.

Incredibly fast block generation.

It takes 10 minutes to generate a block in BTC, but the Ethereum block is generated in 14-15 seconds.

High-speed transactions.

This parameter can compete with Ethereum only Dogicoin, but the last one has no chances to compete with the price. Fast transfers allow using Ethereum for purchases, transfer of savings to other purses, etc.

Full decentralization.

To this day, the functionality of the system is supported by each user. Of course, it is typical for, for example, LightCoin, but Ethereum is considered almost the most decentralized cryptocurrency of our time.

Where to buy Ethereum?

To buy Ethereum, you can use centralized or decentralized exchanges (DEX), as well as wallets. Every customer can make an exchange in any of the attractive way, whether in the USA, India, or Germany. But you probably won't find anything better than decentralized exchanges and here's why:

Decentralized exchanges are open platforms for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies as well as other tokens. They directly connect the seller and the consumer, which saves you from a long search for a selling source and facilitates the investment process itself. Decentralized exchanges are a classic and the place where cryptocurrency transactions are most common.

By replacing a third party in a code transaction, the exchange ensures the safety of funds in the exchange and/or purchase processes. The seller's Ethereum will be sent to the buyer only upon completion of the actual payment and anonymously. Also, the code used is best known as a smart contract, it is characterized by its flexibility in payment transactions: you can use the most appropriate method, whether it is a bank card, transfer, electronic wallets, cryptocurrency, and so on, and your funds will always be under reliable protection.

But where to find such an exchanger and which one is the best?

You will not find a better place than the unique exchanger j2tx.

How to buy Ethereum at j2tx?

J2tx has been in the cryptocurrency exchange market for more than six years and during this time the platform has proved itself as a professional in making operations of exchanging cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The platform is optimized for comfortable movement around the site and easy operations. Here you will find both help with cryptocurrencies in the corresponding block, and information about investing in Ethereum, or buying tokens of the platform itself with the possibility to get profit up to 50% of the company's income, whether you are from the UK or Moscow - the platform will help in everything.

This is exactly the place you need. You can exchange American dollars into Ethereum in just a few simple steps:

1. Go to the converter site

First, go to the site where you will buy coins. There on the main page there is a block, in which, in fact, the calculations and the subsequent conversion are made, but let's not hurry...

2. Аctivate user account

Once you have completed your search and transition, you need to register to start using all the functions of the site. You should enter your information in the form of:

  • Your name
  • Your home address or domicile
  • Your phone number
  • Other data provided by the platform

Account verification is usually the final step in the account creation process. Many exchangers require account verification in a several way and id confirmation, at j2tx you only need to go through one verification without id confirmation! At this point, you are required to enter your credentials to verify that you are an existing person. And then make sure that the account passes the eligibility check and becomes active. This aspect takes anywhere from 1 minute to 3 days.

3. Deposit

After this, you should deposit it into your account. Deposit cash into your account or card and make transactions on the platform. You can deposit 1 USD or cash 500 USD, there are no limits to banks or other payment systems! After that, enter your details on the platform and deposit your account as much as you see fit.

4. Start trading

When the account is active and there are finances on the balance, you can start buying Ethereum or Bitcoin. Each exchange has its interface, but on j2tx you will find the exchange floor right on the homepage. All you need to do to buy is rig the amount you want to exchange and see how much cryptocurrency you get in return. And then confirm the transaction in one click.

The commission per transaction is only 0.95%! However, it will be more profitable for you to buy more currency at once to save a little on these operations. Also, the exchange process takes from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the banking system of the client.

5. ETH withdrawal

If necessary, you can easily make withdrawals to your wallet or bank account.

J2tx is a place where you can make transactions anonymously and safely.

This is the cheapest option to exchange currencies without extra fees and the most popular platform in the UK.

Advantages of buying Ethereum at https://j2tx.com/

Here you will find not only quality service, comfortable platform, and responsive support, j2tx is more than just a standard exchanger!

India, USA, Germany - you can be anywhere, you can have absolutely any id, j2tx works with all clients, from anywhere in the world!

Here you give an American dollar and get a bitcoin or Ethereum in return in just four easy steps! The platform selects the cheapest exchange rate, and you make an express purchase online in minutes!

The platform provides:

  • Low commissions - You only pay 0.95% of the transaction amount.
  • Easy payment - Purchase can be made with Visa or MasterCard.
  • Speed of transactions - There is an express purchase on the platform, which makes transactions within 1-5 minutes!
  • Minimal restrictions - Each customer can make a daily cryptocurrency purchase of up to $25,000.

This also includes minimum deposit restrictions, which are not provided on the platform. You can pay $1 and buy a piece of Ethereum, or you can deposit an amount to buy an entire asset.

The website support is active 24/7, you can get in touch with any questions and at your most convenient time through email or using the chat on the platform itself!

By choosing J2tx you choose responsibility, speed, and security!

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