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Our Advantages

J2TX is the brokerage platform backed by a company with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market. The online service operates under an official license issued by a reputable regulator and strictly adheres to the requirements of current legislation. The platform and mobile app use a strong data encryption protocol to avoid leaks and falling into the hands of third parties. Although J2TX is a centralized exchange, all your personal and financial data is kept safe and secure. Fast transactions (instant buying with the lowest fees), low commissions, high limits and a responsive support team are additional benefits.

Banking for everyone
Banking for everyone
Not everyone has access to financial services. But all you need to access Ethereum and its lending, borrowing and savings products is an internet connection.
A more private internet
A more private internet
You don't need to provide all your personal details to use an Ethereum app. Ethereum is building an economy based on value, not surveillance.
A peer-to-peer network
A peer-to-peer network
Ethereum allows you to move money, or make agreements, directly with someone else. You don't need to go through intermediary companies.
No government or company has control over Ethereum. This decentralization makes it nearly impossible for anyone to stop you from receiving payments or using services on Ethereum.
Commerce guarantees
Commerce guarantees
Ethereum creates a more level playing field. Customers have a secure, built-in guarantee that funds will only change hands if you provide what was agreed. You don’t need large company clout to do business.
Compatibility for the win
Compatibility for the win
Better products and experiences are being built all the time because Ethereum products are compatible by default. Companies can build on each other's success.

How can we help you get started?

Digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming increasingly attractive to investors and ordinary users alike. Our goal is to help you buy a promising digital asset (Ethereum) under the best conditions regarding speed and simplicity of transaction as well as fees. In addition, we provide all the necessary information about cryptocurrency and how to use it - short-term and long-term investments, trading and more. J2TX is not just an exchange, but a full-fledged ecosystem where everyone interested in digital assets of the future can find necessary information and tools. If you decide to stay with J2TX, you can receive part of the platform's profits in the form of dividends from your investment in native tokens.

If you are new and need someone to explain how it all works

How does the withdrawal of crypto investments to a new level

What can a crypto exchange offer for new and regular customers

Looking for ways to make crypto money and investments

Our Services

We offer the opportunity to buy Ethereum with card (US Dollar) to everyone. Whether you want to buy a keepsake amount of coins or are considering ETH as a long-term investment, we make it easy to exchange fiat money for the digital asset. Ethereum is a very promising token, and many financial experts believe that it has a future ahead of it. Unlike BTC, Ethereum has high intrinsic value due to the platform where it circulates. Here are the features of ETH worth considering:

So, to buy Ethereum with credit or debit card is a good idea, even despite the recent fall of the crypto market. By choosing our platform, you can easily and quickly buy almost any amount of coins (and send to your wallet) at some of the best conditions on the market.

How our Crypto Buying System works

There are many ways to buy Ethereum with credit or debit card, but most of them are unreliable or too expensive in terms of the commission you have to pay. The best way to buy Ethereum efficiently is to use J2TX services - that's what you need to do to buy tokens with bank card (follow the steps to create an account):

  • Go to the J2TX website, select Buy from the menu and then click on Ethereum.
  • Select USD as the currency you wish to buy ETH (purchasing anonymously is not possible) with and enter the appropriate amount.
  • The number of tokens you can buy for the specified amount will be calculated automatically, no converter or special calculator is required.
  • Then the registration process will start if you don't have an active account on the website yet.
  • Enter your email address and verify it (you will not be able to buy anonymously). At this step, you can read the terms and conditions. Tick the box to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Provide copies of your identification documents, such as your driving license, passport or residence permit.
  • As part of KYC (a way of finding out who you are), the platform staff will manually verify digital copies (ID) of your documents (you will not be able to buy anonymously). You will also need to connect and validate your bank card (or other payment tool).

Once you have passed all the verifications of the account, you will be able to confirm the transaction. The coins will arrive in your crypto wallet within minutes (buy with prepaid Visa).


Select the currency you want to buy, enter the required amount


Register and confirm your email address.


Take a selfie and upload it


Choose a country and a document that confirms your identity (Passport, ID card, Driver's license, Residence permit), take a photo of the documents


Choose a payment method (at the moment there is only 1 method), take a photo of the card


Doublecheck the data entered before sending


System check of the entered data validity


Purchase complete


Select the currency you want to buy, enter the required amount


Log into your account (enter your e-mail address and the confirmation code you will receive)


Be sure to double-check your details before sending them (they should match your last purchase)


The purchase has been completed (provided your info remains the same). In case the details don’t match your previous order — the system will first need to verify that the information you entered is correct)

Our payment methods

Buy Crypto at True Cost

Buy cryptocurrency: BTC and ETH using the J2TX service. We have various payment methods available:
credit/debit card, Visa card and MasterCard.


Why Choose Us?

Many crypto enthusiasts and advanced users choose J2TX as they consider it the top place to buy Ethereum (or to buy other cryptocurrencies) with credit or debit bank card (buy in the safest way) for the following reasons:

Although J2TX charges low transaction fees, there is an exclusive offer of 0% commission (gift for new clients looking for the best method to buy coins in matter of minutes) on your first Ethereum purchase. The platform offers the best conditions to buy coins in the market (the cheapest, quickest and safest way to buy).

What is Ethereum

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and blockchain-based platform that creates a peer-to-peer network of smart contracts and decentralized financial applications (dApps). Because the ETH network has no central authority overseeing and monitoring financial transactions and relationships between network participants in general, the creators of Ethereum introduced smart contracts that automate the execution of transactions. ETH is the second-largest token in terms of market capitalization and exchange rate, even though it appeared on the market much later than BTC. You can buy Ethereum to store your wealth in it (long-term investment). Alternatively, you can buy Ethereum to speculate on volatile exchange rates. Finally, you can use the tokens as money to pay for goods and services and to benefit from smart contracts running on the platform. According to many experts, Ethereum is a strong crypto project that will only grow in the near future.


  • What is ETH?

    It is a digital coin (token) running on a decentralized registry (blockchain) called Ethereum. A huge amount of hardware and software is used to make the network operational. The computing power is not a free resource. The network's internal currency is now a way to pay for most of the transactions (purchase, sell) that take place on it. And that is how the intrinsic value of the coin comes into play. In addition, Ethereum is a digital asset with a value determined by the supply, demand and trust of the network's participants (stay tuned for the latest news). Therefore, the token has a market value and may be used as money (cash) to pay for real goods and services. It is also traded on special exchanges as a trusted asset with a value that can change over time.

  • What is a smart contract?

    Another reason why many people want to buy a token with card is the ability to access the network's smart contracts. Essentially, these are special applications with logic that determine under what conditions a transaction (purchase or sell) will be initiated. They are the digital counterparts of traditional (classic) contracts with automation of the execution process (it allows many things to be automated). Programmed in Solidity and Vyper, smart contracts are compiled into bytecode and executed via a distributed registry.

  • What are blockchain transactions?

    In simple terms, they are messages written to a distributed ledger. Each such message contains certain information, such as the address of the recipient and sender of the tokens, the number of coins transferred between those addresses, the amount of commission, the byte code of the smart contract, and the current amounts in the accounts. These records are stored in special blocks, one after another (the chain of blocks, hence the name blockchain technology behind the crypto).

  • How are transactions confirmed in the Ethereum blockchain?

    When executing a smart contract, each node in the network executes an instruction prescribed in it. The network has an execution environment (EVM) that is accessed by all nodes on the network. When checking a block, each node looks through all the records contained in it to eventually synchronize its registers (which is important because blockchain operates as a distributed database). Each record contains information about the fee and the limit of the funds. Operations (purchase or sell) are confirmed by special nodes called miners. They decide whether an operation (purchasing) should be executed or not.

  • How is Ethereum different from Bitcoin?

    Introduced to the world in 2009, Bitcoin was designed to work as a new form of money. Based on the same technology (blockchain), the Bitcoin project focused on creating a value transfer mechanism that is accessible to everyone live. The Ether project was conceived as an enhancement of Bitcoin offering many additional financial tools. The token has grown exponentially in value because people became interested in a decentralized financial platform with multiple applications and smart contracts. Finally, ETH is a more affordable digital asset, and at the time of writing is traded at around $1,000 (US Dollar) per token.

  • Is Ether a secure financial system?

    The only major hack occurred when the platform was in its infancy. The developers quickly identified the bug and fixed it. One of the important advantages of the underlying crypto technology is its decentralized nature. This means that all information is stored on every node in the network. If attackers compromise one or more nodes, there is no impact on the overall performance. However, you should be careful with unlicensed centralized exchanges. History knows several cases when user accounts have been hacked with coin theft. To secure your crypto savings, use a trustworthy wallet that is not permanently connected to the internet.

  • Can I buy Ethereum without verifying my identity?

    Anonymous crypto trading is one of the benefits of the new form of money. However, a growing number of brokerage platforms and exchanges are moving away from this practice and introducing an identity verification procedure. When you upload a photo of your ID, you are linking your identity to your crypto wallet. However, by choosing a reliable centralized platform, you can be assured that your data is secure. While there are still many peer-to-peer platforms on the market, they cannot guarantee that you will receive tokens for fiat money, as they work on trust.

  • Is Ethereum still a good investment?

    In the early days of the market, when many crypto enthusiasts realized the power of smart contracts, the coin was in huge demand. And that led to a surge in its value. However, for a long time, the token was far behind Bitcoin in terms of market cap and exchange rate. Currently, amid the financial crisis resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many crypto tokens have markedly dropped in value. Ethereum has lost some of its value, but it is unlikely to fall to zero. Firstly, Ether has not lost its intrinsic value as a token platform featuring dApps and smart contracts. Second, many continue to believe that crypto is the future of the financial system. Third, ETH consumes significantly fewer resources to make it work and will move to a more advanced consensus mechanism in the future. It is hard to say for sure whether Ether is a good investment, but you certainly won't lose all your money if you invest in it.

Because ETH is a token circulating in a decentralized distributed ledger, previously it could only be bought directly from holders or through peer-to-peer platforms. Today, you can buy Ethereum quickly and seamlessly at a bargain rate on the J2TX website. While it is a centralized platform that does not offer your anonymity, there are several important things that can justify choosing J2TX (it offers the best conditions to buy few coins – the cheapest, quickest and safest way).

Firstly, the platform is officially licensed by a reputable regulator. Secondly, it has a simple and intuitive interface with all the elements literally at your fingertips. Thirdly, your personal and payment information are highly secure through the use of an advanced data encryption algorithm. In addition, the platform charges a small transaction fee, which is significantly lower than the market average.

Things to Know Before Investing in ETH

Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile digital asset that has traditionally been considered a very risky investment. The high volatility of a token means that its price can change rapidly in short periods of time (use charts). Therefore, before you buy the digital asset, do the following:

  • Determine your risk tolerance - be prepared for both ups and downs.
  • Choose a good brokerage platform that you can trust.
  • Open a crypto wallet to securely store the digital coins you buy.
  • Buy ETH when the price is lowest.

Once you have the virtual coins, you can use them however you like - to pay for goods and services, as a long-term investment, to make a profit on a volatile price (shorts) and more.

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