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We require every customer to complete KYC. However, we do not share your personal data with any third parties.

Traders can benefit from KYC crypto. We, as a crypto platform, can, for example, prevent hackers from accessing customer accounts, restore hacked accounts, and protect customer assets.

Regulatory agencies encourage financial institutions and crypto exchanges to comply with KYC and anti-money laundering laws to combat money laundering and illicit crypto trading.

When a customer's account is compromised on a blockchain, there is no way for them to recover assets. A company cannot usually do this because it has no information about the client or the other trading party.

Customers will feel safer with KYC rules in place because they will be able to trace their funds and request reimbursement from crypto exchanges and financial institutions.

If you're thinking about trading crypto, you're better off opening an account on a platform that performs KYC. In the near future, becoming KYC compliant will be a necessity for running a successful crypto trading business.

Most large offshore companies already require verification. Trading anonymously with no identity disclosure is becoming more difficult. Unregulated companies, which may not possess sophisticated security frameworks, also increase the risk for traders.

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Buying Bitcoin Without ID

Here you can buy Bitcoin at a favorable exchange rate in a matter of minutes. J2TX is a centralized brokerage platform, so you need to provide some personal information about yourself in order to complete the transaction. Because cryptocurrencies have become notorious for a lot of anonymous transactions involving fraudulent activity and money laundering, buying Bitcoin without ID (only with wallet public address) may not be the best solution for you.

There is no guarantee that the transaction will be completed and the requested amount of digital coins will reach your crypto wallet. To protect your data and savings, we recommend not to buy Bitcoin without ID (use reliable wallet as well).

J2TX is a platform (to exchange cryptocurrency instant for crypto users) that adheres to KYC practices (account registration is needed) towards its clients (who want to buy crypto for cash, or to trade bitcoins).

This means that we will request digital copies of your documents in order to verify your identity (with our affordable limit, you can buy a significant number of assets to fill your wallet). Your personal information is necessary for the payment gateway processing the exchange operations (transactions). While you will not be able to buy Bitcoin without ID, we offer a far safer and more secure option.

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