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Why should J2TX be your most reliable
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It’s quite enough to explore its features

Low Fees
We charge one of the lowest fees per transaction. Our fixed fee is only 0.95% for exchange.
Fast Transactions
Transactions takes minutes. Usually you can receive your asset in as little as 1-5 minutes.
Flexible Limits
Limits for transactions are flexible. The only limit is applied to the transactions up to $25000.
Payment is convinient. Use both Visa or Master Card to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin by our exchange.
Benefits for J2TD Token holders
Token holders receive 50% of the income of the entire J2TX Ecosystem + 10% of the income of our partner Just2Trade Learn more
Easy Verification
KYC procedure is simplified and takes just a few steps. It is supereasy with properly uploaded documents.


Overall, why it’s easier to Buy Crypto with J2TX?

J2TX makes your crypto buying journey much easier.

You’ll get the most benefit from J2TX as it provides you everything you need to buy cryptocurrency instantly:

  • Manage your cryptos easily with quite a simple interface;
  • Convenient tools you need to succeed in buying crypto values in the best possible way;
  • With fast transactions and easy verification processes, you’ll get an unprecedented crypto buying experience;
  • All in one app at your hands to obtain the crypto you want anytime you want.

Investing in cryptocurrency is an efficient, legal, and safe way to preserve and increase your assets.

How to choose a place to buy bitcoin without id?

When choosing a suitable purchase option, investors have a choice between buying cryptocurrency by verifying an account or purchase BTC without id. And in this case, they have several options in front of them:

  • Receive the currency on the P2P bitcoin marketplace.
  • Use peer-to-peer trading exchanges.
  • Apply for prepaid cards.
  • Enter cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.

Or use the best option - decentralized exchanges, the best representative of which is J2TX, offering an opportunity to invest in Ethereum, buy bitcoin without id, additionally earn tokens and even help to familiarize with the site and the crypto world in general!

This is one key service by the popularity in the UK because the buying is done without prepaid and with minimal fees!

What to look out for to buy bitcoin without verification?

To safely purchase BTC without id, you should study the offered methods in detail: read the reviews on this method or resource - many users share their personal experience on the web on the use of any purchase methods.

Compare transaction fees. Most of the time buying at the services involves a fee of more than 5% of the transaction amount, so pay attention to the service J2TX, where the commission fee is only 0.95% of the transaction amount!

Explore ways to deposit and withdraw fiat money to the exchange. Reliable services use only accepted and secure methods such as Visa or MasterCard, so you can purchase BTC without id safely and legally.

Compare transaction processing time - decent purchase options provide for instant coin purchases.

Additionally, you can pay attention to other ways to make money from websites. For example, on J2TX, you can get a good profit investing in tokens (profits up to 50%).

Also, look carefully at the terms and conditions - prepaid should no be part of the conditions. If it is still there - the buying is not recommended.

Why do many people want to buy bitcoin with no id?

The desire to buy BTC or ETH currency lies in its almost complete anonymity. This way you can freely receive illegal and forbidden things without the risk to be exposed, but remember that often there is a criminal responsibility and other sanctions behind it.

Of legitimate reasons, though: Bitcoin is a super-fast currency: transfers are almost instantaneous. It is widely used in almost all areas of humanity. It is unique and versatile as a payment version and not at all to top up. There is an opportunity to earn at the changing rate. There are no prepaid the buying is made without unnecessary deductions and taxes. And other key aspects.

Step-by-step instruction on how to buy Bitcoin no verification

To become a holder of this type of asset through the platform, you must meet basic requirements:

  • Оpen/create an account. To perform any operations with BTC, you first of all need to go through the registration procedure on the exchange. This implies that you need to open your cryptocurrency account on the site. To do that, you will need to confirm your email.
  • Log in to the service via your activated account. Next, you are required to enter personal information into your account. Complete the requirements and save them.
  • Proceed to buy bitcoins. Go to the main page of the platform, in the opened tab you will be offered to choose the currency, enter the amount of cash to be deposited to purchase and the service will automatically calculate the parts or pieces of Bitcoins offered to you or you can specify yourself how many coins are needed and the service will also automatically display the necessary parts of the deposit. Choose "Continue" and log in.
  • Payment method. Next, you will be redirected to the payment form, where you purchase BTC without id while making purchase debits or credits cards- the choice is yours. Enter your details, click confirm, enter the code you received to complete the transaction and move on to the next item.
  • Wallet address. After you confirm that you are a cardholder you should add your BTC wallet address. You should enter it into the form offered by the service and confirm the operation again.
  • Confirm the card data. For confirmation, the service does not require your id, but the obligatory condition is confirmation of the phone number or selfies with the card.

After completing this operation you click "Complete the operation" and the operation will be completed.

Bitcoins will arrive at your account within 1-5 minutes, and before that, this will be followed up by an email sent to your mailbox (email) about the activated exchange. o your email about the exchange.

Why are there difficulties when you want to buy bitcoins without verification?

Purchase BTC without id is no an easy thing to do, especially in the UK, and here are the reasons why:

  • Increased scrutiny - On the part of the authorities, each of the services offering the exchange of fiat money for bitcoin is closely monitored and scrutinized. And such platforms may also have higher purchase requirements, again because of restrictions and ultimatums from the authorities.
  • Bitcoin is no anonymous - Even though bitcoins can be sent and received anonymously between wallets, it's an anti-anonymous currency. All of your data, including your Bitcoin address, is stored on a blockchain, which means that if your data is exposed, there is a good chance that your identity will be exposed as well.
  • A lot of data - Many services offering to purchase BTC without id ask for a lot of data beyond your ID, which can cause difficulties for users, including those living in the UK.

But J2TX service - will make your investment basis reliable and durable, you should start!

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