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We charge one of the lowest fees per transaction. Our fixed fee is only 0.95% for exchange.
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Transactions takes minutes. Usually you can receive your asset in as little as 1-5 minutes.
Flexible Limits
Limits for transactions are flexible. The only limit is applied to the transactions up to $25000.
Payment is convinient. Use both Visa or Master Card to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin by our exchange.
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Easy Verification
KYC procedure is simplified and takes just a few steps. It is supereasy with properly uploaded documents.


J2TX allows you to buy & sell US Stocks & Crypto directly with ETH. Including: Apple, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Amazon, BTC, ETH and more! No currency risk, ETH is not converted to USD.

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You’ll get the most benefit from J2TX as it provides you everything you need to buy cryptocurrency instantly:

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Buy bitcoin with a Visa card

Buying bitcoin for fiduciary currency is a well-known method of diversifying savings. Many investors prefer to make this purchase online by exchanging funds for cryptocurrency using debit or credit cards.

However, if you are used to making daily purchases using bank cards, it does not mean that you can also easily purchase cryptocurrency. At this point, an investor can face two problems: many exchanges impose restrictions on the use of bank cards, and issuing banks quite often prohibit the purchase of all types of cryptocurrencies. If, however, the bank allows this operation, the buyer has another problem - commissions.

In this case, j2tx exchange for sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies will be your best solution! Here you will be able to buy bitcoin with a Visa card in the shortest time and at an attractive rate. Service guarantees each user security and confidentiality of data, as well as high-quality service.

How to buy Bitcoin with a Visa card?

Users can use Visa cards in absolutely any currency to carry out the exchange. Whether you use Ukrainian hryvnias, Polish zloty, or Belarusian rubles - it does not matter, the service will be provided to everyone!

To buy cryptocurrency you only need to perform a few simple actions:

  • Set the desired direction of purchase: for example, "Polish zloty - BTC (bitcoin)";
  • Enter the amount in zloty or bitcoins (BTC;
  • Specify all requested data: bitcoin wallet address and contact number;
  • Study the rules and click on the "Buy BTC" button;
  • Receive your funds upon completion of the transaction.

The purchase process is as transparent, convenient, and simple as possible.

Limits on bitcoin purchase amount with Visa card

As with any other payment system, j2tx also has limitations on the minimum and maximum amount deposited. So minimum deposit of fiat currency exchange for bitcoin and vice versa is about $37, and the maximum amount depends on the bank of your card and its status, so for example for one transaction with a standard Visa card from Sberbank you will be able to spend up to $20,000 for one transaction, and also you can pay $100,000 daily. The service itself sets the maximum limit on the exchange for $25,000.

To increase the maximum amount of the deposit you should contact the support service, the manager will find the best solution for you.


Exchange Commission

J2tx is a service with years of experience in providing services, operating on the market since 2015. The exchange has perfectly proved itself and surpasses its competitors in the market of exchange/purchase of cryptocurrencies also due to the established minimum transaction fees.

Now you can buy Bitcoin with а Visa Card or MasterCard not only quickly, but also profitably with J2tx. The exchange charges a 0.95% commission per transaction. You won't find a more attractive and profitable offer!

Commission from the bank

In addition to the commission charged by the service for the purchase and/or exchange of cryptocurrencies, an additional fee may be charged by the bank of the card used. For example, for exchanging your hryvnias/rubles, etc. into dollars to buy Bitcoin directly, some banks charge interest.

Most often, such a commission is from 1 to 3% per transaction, as well as accrue certain interest if you purchase foreign currency above the established daily rate.

For more profitable buying of Bitcoin, many services recommend keeping track of currency fluctuations, but with the J2tx service, you do not need to worry about this, because the exchange itself carries out the analysis and provides only the most profitable rates at the time of purchase.

Buying Timeframe

Most investors are also concerned about how long the procedure of buying or exchanging money for cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin, takes. At J2tx you don't need any prepaid, after entering all necessary data you will be credited with bitcoins during 1-5 minutes, such difference in time can be explained by the workload of the BTC network.

Also, you should take into account the speed of transactions of the selected bank, which may affect the time of the exchange.

In case you have problems with your transaction or it does not complete within 15 minutes, we recommend you to contact the technical support of the bank or the website.

Why buy bitcoins with Visa Card?

Buy bitcoin with а Visa Card is the best idea if you are thinking about investing in cryptocurrency. Why? Let's look at some of the advantages of this method over others.

  • Ability to work with cryptocurrencies

Many payment systems restrict or prohibit the purchase of cryptocurrency. With Visa Card, you don't have to worry about this, because this payment system provides free access to make any kind of transactions.

  • Commissions

Visa Card is an excellent way of carrying out transactions with foreign currency because whatever country you are in, the commission for purchase will be only 1-3% of the transaction amount. Other payment systems may charge up to 12.5% commission!

  • Safety

In addition to the security provided by the service, you get safety from the payment system itself, which in addition may include up to 5 methods of protection.

  • Speed

The transaction speed with Visa is incredible. You don't need any prepaid or a long wait, you can buy bitcoins with your Visa card in just a few minutes.

  • Working with any currency

Visa Card is one of few payment systems which allows its clients to make transactions in any currency. You can freely exchange euros as well as crowns, rubles, hryvnias into bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Support

For safer transactions, not only the support of the exchange but also the support of the payment system itself, which will provide you with the best solutions for any difficulties or failures in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of buying bitcoin on J2tx

J2tx exchange guarantees that you can buy bitcoin with а Visa cards and MasterCard safe. There is no prepaid and no long wait - fill in your cryptocurrency purchase details on J2tx and receive your funds in just a few minutes.

The commission is less than one percent!

Payment is made on a completely secured payment gateway page which meets all safety and security standards of PCI DSS Level 1. The exchange doesn't store and doesn't archive visitor's payment card data, so third parties including employees won't be able to use it.

Creation and authorization on the site are not necessary, so all your data will remain classified and confidential, you only enter the data about the address of the payment wallet and your phone number. Determine the owner of the same on the data provided is extremely difficult, so your safety remains in the safe hands of the site J2tx.

If you have any problems with the site or inability to make a purchase, you can always contact customer support, functioning 24/7 daily.

In addition, on the site, you will find instructions on how to make a purchase and get the opportunity to buy bitcoins only at the most favorable rate at the time of the transaction!

Deal only with a proven service - J2tx is what you need!

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