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Advantages of the Crypto App

Designed specifically for those who want to buy or exchange crypto (low fees) and are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, the Just 2 Trade mobile app offers all the same features and tools available on the parent website. The user-friendly interface with all the tools literally always at your fingertips is the main advantage of the crypto app (the best option). It runs smoothly on any modern device and outperforms its Coinbase counterpart in terms of transaction speed and usability. If you've ever tried the Coinbase app, we recommend installing the J2TX app to test its benefits firsthand.

What makes J2TX your most reliable
Crypto buying partner?

Exploring its features will help you answer this question!

Low Fees
We charge one of the lowest fees per transaction. Our fixed fee is only 0.95% for exchange.
Fast Transactions
Transactions take a few minutes. Usually you can receive your asset in as little as 1-5 minutes.
Flexible Limits
Limits for transactions are flexible. The only limit is applied to the transactions up to $5000.
The payment process is convenient. Our exchange supports Visa and Mastercard payments for Ethereum and Bitcoin purchases.
Benefits for J2TD Token holders
Token holders receive 50% of the income of the entire J2TX Ecosystem + 10% of the income of our partner Just2Trade Learn more
Easy Verification
KYC procedure is simplified and takes just a few steps. It is super easy with properly uploaded documents.

How can we help you get started?

We offer a handy mobile app through which you can buy crypto (Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) with just a few taps on your screen. You can download the app to buy crypto (Bitcoin) from your platform's app store (Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS). The J2TX platform crypto mobile app offers all the same features and tools as the parent website. You will also be able to use the app for cryptocurrency trading. Whether you only want to buy a small amount of crypto or intend to start trading, you'll find everything you need in the J2TX app.

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How does the withdrawal of crypto investments to a new level

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What We Have on Offer

Bitcoin is the world's number one cryptocurrency in terms of market cap and exchange rate. It exhibits the properties of both money and assets like precious metals, such as gold. And that's why Bitcoin is often referred to as 'digital gold'. Just2Trade platform has a handy mobile app through which anyone can buy (exchange with low fees) crypto (Bitcoin) for fiat money. The days when you needed a desktop or laptop to buy crypto are long gone. As we literally never part with our smartphones, the idea of buying crypto right on the go via a mobile app seems exciting for many crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors. By downloading the crypto mobile app, you will have access to the following:

To use your mobile as a portal to the cryptocurrency world, simply navigate to Just2Trade's website in your mobile browser and use the link to download the crypto app (to exchange, buy and trade crypto). Alternatively, you can find the app in the app store for your platform.

Learn more about cryptocurrency

If you're looking to buy or sell crypto (Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) at good price, J2TX may be your best choice (user account is needed). The developer of the platform and mobile app has gone to great lengths to make the tools to buy, sell and trade crypto as simple and straightforward as possible for everyone. Keep in mind that Just2Trade (like Coinbase) is a centralized brokerage platform that applies KYC procedures to verify user identity (started by downloading copies of documents). Unlike the web version of the platform, the crypto app will ask you to open a user account first:

Now you are ready to start using the products and tools offered by the J2TX crypto app. You'll be able to buy, sell or exchange Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies with low fees), as well as do trading - all in one convenient app, right on your smartphone.

Why People Choose the J2TX Crypto App

Previously, when cryptocurrencies were just taking their first steps, you didn't have many options to buy Bitcoins and altcoins (to pay for goods). However, times have changed, and today you have access to a convenient mobile app that gives you access to popular cryptocurrencies - you can buy, sell, trade and do crypto trading right on your phone. One important reason why many people choose J2TX is that the platform is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. What's more, Just2Trade ensures that all the data that is being transferred is secured. Finally, thanks to its good interface and user-friendly tools, the platform and the crypto app are suitable for both experienced investors and casual buyers (contact support if you need help).

FAQs Crypto Apps

  • What is a Bitcoin crypto application?

    It is a mobile payment platform where you can buy, sell at a good price, earn money (cash) from J2TDs, and exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (low fees) on the go via a smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPad). Although today's laptops have become much smaller than their predecessors, they are still inconvenient to carry around all the time. Mobile phones, on the other hand, have become much more productive and powerful devices than they were 10 years ago. Almost as good as desktop PCs in terms of performance and functionality, today's smartphones are in high demand. And to make buying cryptocurrency more convenient than ever, some exchanges have launched dedicated mobile applications that offer many features necessary for both a casual cryptocurrency buyer and an investor or trader.

  • How do I buy cryptocurrency through the application?

    In general, the mobile platform works in the same way as the parent website. This means that you have access to a tool to buy tokens for fiat money (cash) where transactions are made at the current market rate (the online service monitors exchange rates). You just need to click 'Buy', select a currency from the list of supported ones and specify the number of coins you want to buy. In the next step, you need to connect a payment tool (e.g. a bank card) and verify it if required. Most modern mobile crypto platforms perform a KYC user identity verification procedure. You may also have a wallet available to store the purchased crypto directly in the application. However, for security reasons, users are advised to transfer funds to a separate crypto wallet (cold or hot).

  • Are cryptocurrency apps legal?

    When you use mobile services, you should be aware that you bear all the risks associated with the use of your funds as well as personal and financial data. There are decentralized mobile platforms that allow users to remain anonymous. Based on trust, they cannot guarantee the safety of your funds and that you will receive the purchased digital assets in full and on time. Therefore, we recommend using mobile versions of centralized platforms such as Just2Trade. Though the J2TX website and the mobile version require some personal data from the users, it is a much more secure and reliable solution that operates legally. The platform has been approved by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which means that it meets all high-quality standards.

  • What is KYC?

    It is an effort to improve the World Wide Web, where hundreds and even thousands of fraudulent transactions, including cryptocurrency transactions, take place every day. KYC (Know Your User) is a list of measures designed to ensure that you are a real user who has not previously been involved in shady schemes, money laundering or other financial fraud on the global network. Many websites and services follow KYC practices to protect themselves and their users. Under KYC, you will be asked for some personal information such as scanned copies or high-quality photos of your personal documents (e.g. ID card, passport, residence permit or driver's license). For photo verification (started by downloading copies of documents), the cryptocurrency platform may also request you to take selfies. Equally important is that you use a payment tool that belongs to you personally. To verify this, J2TX will send you a request to validate your bank card (contact support if you need help). Please be aware that Just 2 Trade does not store your personal details on its servers. All information is sent directly to the payment gateway where fiat money is exchanged for tokens.

  • What are the benefits of the J2TX mobile service?

    There are several reasons why you should try J2TX's mobile service (the best option) to buy (exchange, sell at a good price, earn money from J2TDs and trade with low fees) Bitcoin (coins). Firstly, its functionality is fully consistent with its parent website, so you get access to all the tools you need. Secondly, its design and interface are fully adapted for mobile devices which makes it very easy to use even on smartphones with small screens. Thirdly, it is owned and operated by a reliable brokerage company with years of experience in the cryptocurrency market. Fourthly, you will be able to conduct any digital asset transactions on the go from anywhere with an internet connection. Finally, J2TX has a native J2TD token whose holders receive passive income (earn money) of up to 50% of the platform's profits plus up to 10% of its partners' profits (learn more in the FAQ section).

  • Can I store Bitcoins in the J2TX mobile wallet?

    When you set up your first transaction to buy or exchange crypto (Bitcoin and others), you go through an identity verification process (started by downloading copies of documents) during which the platform collects your details for verification. This data is also used to create your user profile with a mobile wallet to store the purchased tokens. Although the platform's mobile application is secured with SSL data encryption protocol, we recommend reassurance. It's best to store large amounts in cold crypto wallets to minimize the risks. Use the platform wallet only for temporary coin storage or for trading on the website (or via mobile service).

J2TX allows you to buy & sell US Stocks & Crypto directly with ETH. Including: Apple, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Amazon, BTC, ETH and more! No currency risk, ETH is not converted to USD.
Overall, why it’s easier to Buy Crypto with J2TX?

J2TX makes your crypto buying journey much easier.

You’ll get the most benefit from J2TX as it provides you everything you need to buy cryptocurrency instantly:

  • Manage your cryptos easily with quite a simple interface;
  • Convenient tools you need to succeed in buying crypto values in the best possible way;
  • With fast transactions and easy verification processes, you’ll get an unprecedented crypto buying experience;
  • All in one app at your hands to obtain the crypto you want anytime you want.

There are many apps that help you save and invest your savings profitably. But there are not so many services that provide ample opportunities in this area and help replenish your wallet. And Cash App is one of those. But how do you make a deal in the app?

About the new feature and buy Bitcoin on Cash App?

To make a transaction in J2TX App, you should first install it on your gadget. Appendix is designed for mobile OS - Android. It is available for free in the Google Play store, and the installation takes no more than three minutes.

Go to the official website of J2TX and find the installation under the "Invest in Ethereum" tab. In step number 4, you are presented with the opportunity to download the application and start mastering the crypto market. The installation is also available directly through the "Google play" store. The application is located on the first position when entering into the search line query "J2TX", or on the sixth line when entering into the query "Investing in Ethereum". The direct link, on the other hand, looks like: link app

After installation, each visitor is offered a brief introduction to important general information affecting the field of investing and the crypto market in particular. After completing acquaintance, click "continue" and you will be moved to the page with the suggested options to start trading or to get acquainted with the application.

Click on "Start Trading".

On the new page, you should enter a valid email and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, as well as the rules of the user agreement. There is also an option here if you have an account, then you should skip the registration process and go directly to trading.

Next we will look at the registration process

When you enter a valid e-mail and confirm the agreement, you will be sent a code to the specified e-mail. Enter a code in the appeared field and press continue. The next action is to enter the pin code for the further entrance. It consists of four random digits. Enter it and confirm again by retyping it in the new window.

The account is created! Now you can actually buy Bitcoin on Cash App.

On completion, customers are invited to learn three steps, in the second step users have to write down 12 secret words, in order to be able to restore their account without any of the previously entered data (just in case you forgot everything you typed in the site).

Once you've received the 12 words, your account is finally created. Click on "Refill your account."

Refilling is available with any debit or credit card.

How to buy Bitcoin on Cash App J2TX?

After topping up your account in Appendix, you can buy bitcoins almost immediately.

In the upper left corner of the app, select the three parallel sticks and go to the main interface of the app. In the offered set of features, stop at the "Markets" column.

After clicking, customers should find BTC in the search box and click on it. You will be redirected to the application form where you can see a graph of the coin's value change, review and select "Stack".

You can buy Bitcoin on Cash App on any of the tabs. To complete the transaction, enter the desired amount of the asset and click on the "Buy" button. Upon completion, you are moved to a field that shows a check for the transaction, which you must approve. Here you can see the amount of the transaction, the exchange rate, the amount of commissions and how much assets you will eventually receive in your account. Click on "Continue" and the asset will be yours!

It doesn't take more than a few minutes to enroll!

In addition, the Cash App has been added the ability to purchase shares of crypto companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Amazon, BTC, ETH. As well as explore charts and rate change indicators. It is assumed that thanks to this, retail investors will be able to assess their cryptocurrency assets more clearly.

Cash App is the right step to realize your dreams in the cryptocurrency sphere.

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