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What makes J2TX your most reliable
Crypto buying partner?

Exploring its features will help you answer this question!

Low Fees
We charge one of the lowest fees per transaction. Our fixed fee is only 0.95% for exchange.
Fast Transactions
Transactions take a few minutes. Usually you can receive your asset in as little as 1-5 minutes.
Flexible Limits
Limits for transactions are flexible. The only limit is applied to the transactions up to $25000.
The payment process is convenient. Our exchange supports Visa and Mastercard payments for Ethereum and Bitcoin purchases.
Benefits for J2TD Token holders
Token holders receive 50% of the income of the entire J2TX Ecosystem + 10% of the income of our partner Just2Trade Learn more
Easy Verification
KYC procedure is simplified and takes just a few steps. It is super easy with properly uploaded documents.


J2TX allows you to buy & sell US Stocks & Crypto directly with ETH. Including: Apple, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Amazon, BTC, ETH and more! No currency risk, ETH is not converted to USD.

Overall, why it’s easier to Buy Crypto with J2TX?

J2TX makes your crypto buying journey much easier.

You’ll get the most benefit from J2TX as it provides you everything you need to buy cryptocurrency instantly:

  • Manage your cryptos easily with quite a simple interface;
  • Convenient tools you need to succeed in buying crypto values in the best possible way;
  • With fast transactions and easy verification processes, you’ll get an unprecedented crypto buying experience;
  • All in one app at your hands to obtain the crypto you want anytime you want.

There are many apps that help you save and invest your savings profitably. But there are not so many services that provide ample opportunities in this area and help replenish your wallet. And Cash App is one of those. But how do you make a deal in the app?

About the new feature and buy Bitcoin on Cash App?

To make a transaction in J2TX App, you should first install it on your gadget. Appendix is designed for mobile OS - Android. It is available for free in the Google Play store, and the installation takes no more than three minutes.

Go to the official website of J2TX and find the installation under the "Invest in Ethereum" tab. In step number 4, you are presented with the opportunity to download the application and start mastering the crypto market. The installation is also available directly through the "Google play" store. The application is located on the first position when entering into the search line query "J2TX", or on the sixth line when entering into the query "Investing in Ethereum". The direct link, on the other hand, looks like: link app

After installation, each visitor is offered a brief introduction to important general information affecting the field of investing and the crypto market in particular. After completing acquaintance, click "continue" and you will be moved to the page with the suggested options to start trading or to get acquainted with the application.

Click on "Start Trading".

On the new page, you should enter a valid email and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, as well as the rules of the user agreement. There is also an option here if you have an account, then you should skip the registration process and go directly to trading.

Next we will look at the registration process

When you enter a valid e-mail and confirm the agreement, you will be sent a code to the specified e-mail. Enter a code in the appeared field and press continue. The next action is to enter the pin code for the further entrance. It consists of four random digits. Enter it and confirm again by retyping it in the new window.

The account is created! Now you can actually buy Bitcoin on Cash App.

On completion, customers are invited to learn three steps, in the second step users have to write down 12 secret words, in order to be able to restore their account without any of the previously entered data (just in case you forgot everything you typed in the site).

Once you've received the 12 words, your account is finally created. Click on "Refill your account."

Refilling is available with any debit or credit card.

How to buy Bitcoin on Cash App J2TX?

After topping up your account in Appendix, you can buy bitcoins almost immediately.

In the upper left corner of the app, select the three parallel sticks and go to the main interface of the app. In the offered set of features, stop at the "Markets" column.

After clicking, customers should find BTC in the search box and click on it. You will be redirected to the application form where you can see a graph of the coin's value change, review and select "Stack".

You can buy Bitcoin on Cash App on any of the tabs. To complete the transaction, enter the desired amount of the asset and click on the "Buy" button. Upon completion, you are moved to a field that shows a check for the transaction, which you must approve. Here you can see the amount of the transaction, the exchange rate, the amount of commissions and how much assets you will eventually receive in your account. Click on "Continue" and the asset will be yours!

It doesn't take more than a few minutes to enroll!

In addition, the Cash App has been added the ability to purchase shares of crypto companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Amazon, BTC, ETH. As well as explore charts and rate change indicators. It is assumed that thanks to this, retail investors will be able to assess their cryptocurrency assets more clearly.

Cash App is the right step to realize your dreams in the cryptocurrency sphere.

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