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Banking for everyone
Banking for everyone
Not everyone has access to financial services. But all you need to access Ethereum and its lending, borrowing and savings products is an internet connection.
A more private internet
A more private internet
You don't need to provide all your personal details to use an Ethereum app. Ethereum is building an economy based on value, not surveillance.
A peer-to-peer network
A peer-to-peer network
Ethereum allows you to move money, or make agreements, directly with someone else. You don't need to go through intermediary companies.
No government or company has control over Ethereum. This decentralization makes it nearly impossible for anyone to stop you from receiving payments or using services on Ethereum.
Commerce guarantees
Commerce guarantees
Ethereum creates a more level playing field. Customers have a secure, built-in guarantee that funds will only change hands if you provide what was agreed. You don’t need large company clout to do business.
Compatibility for the win
Compatibility for the win
Better products and experiences are being built all the time because Ethereum products are compatible by default. Companies can build on each other's success.

How our Crypto Buying System works


Select the currency you want to buy, enter the required amount


Register and confirm your email address.


Take a selfie and upload it


Choose a country and a document that confirms your identity (Passport, ID card, Driver's license, Residence permit), take a photo of the documents


Choose a payment method (at the moment there is only 1 method), take a photo of the card


Doublecheck the data entered before sending


System check of the entered data validity


Purchase complete


Select the currency you want to buy, enter the required amount


Log into your account (enter your e-mail address and the confirmation code you will receive)


Be sure to double-check your details before sending them (they should match your last purchase)


The purchase has been completed (provided your info remains the same). In case the details don’t match your previous order — the system will first need to verify that the information you entered is correct)

Our payment methods

Buy Crypto at True Cost

Buy and sell 150+ cryptocurrencies with 20+ fiat currencies
using bank transfers or your credit/debit card.



  • How can I buy cryptocurrency?

    We have developed a detailed guide to help you start the crypto buying process on J2TX. There are detailed instructions on how to create an account and go through all security procedures, as well as the steps necessary to make a deal to purchase digital assets on the site.

  • Where can I find my wallet address?

    A Bitcoin address is a BTC wallet's public identification number. It is a numeric-letter code that begins with 1 or 3 and consists of 33-34 characters. Symbols 0 O I are never used to generate a wallet address number. In addition, the address ID can be represented as a QR code.

    The ID number of a wallet can be found in various sections of an account. The easiest way to find it is in the "My Wallet" block.

  • I didn't receive my coins, what should I do?

    For any transaction that has not been completed or for which you did not receive the ordered assets, you should check the transaction log on the website.

    If the transaction was successfully completed (as shown in the transaction history), check whether it was completed by your bank. Use an online application or the bank's website to do this. Make sure the crypto wallet number was entered correctly and there are no typos. This could have caused the transaction to fail. If no problems were found in this part either, then it's time to move on to the third option. Check if you updated the wallet in the app or browser and if it is synchronized. Still hasn't worked for you? Our support team is always happy to solve any difficulties you may have. Contact J2TX staff and they will help you!

  • How to make an independent bank transfer?

    When placing an order through SEPA, pay attention to any information that will automatically appear. Go to your bank account via the online banking app or a browser and follow the SEPA transaction procedure. Keep the payment reference number you received from J2TX. As soon as you have entered all transaction details, log into your J2TX account again and click "I've completed the SEPA procedure" to confirm the transaction.

  • I accidentally entered an invalid/incorrect reference number for a successful transaction. What should I do now to cancel the transaction or correct the data?

    We recommend that you contact our support team if the payment reference is incorrect. Contact us as soon as possible. Let us know about the problem and details as soon as possible, so we can help. Please include information such as:

    • J2TX transaction reference number;
    • Your E-mail address;
    • Payment reference;
    • International Bank Account Number.
  • I forgot to include some information on the payment, such as the sending address. What should I do now?

    In case you forgot to fill out a data field, please contact us via live chat or by email.

    Avoid panicking as it hinders your ability to handle the situation quickly and effectively. It is very important that you stay calm and reach out to us ASAP and tell us precisely what happened. We can come up with effective solutions much faster if your story is informative and concise. Remember to specify how much money you transferred, your Order ID, the incorrect transaction ID, and your email.

  • Can J2TX customers transfer their personal digital funds to a third-party service or individual?

    The J2TX platform does not allow its customers to transfer cryptocurrencies to merchants, third-party online sites, or the same ICO. If you must send assets to a third party, you can do so directly from your own cryptocurrency wallet.

  • What should I do if my bank does not allow certain transactions?

    Our platform does not have access to any transactions at your bank, regardless of your banking situation. However, we value every visitor and strive to help all of them.

    Contact your bank and ask for clarification. If the payment was blocked, they should give full information and a solution.

    We will be happy to provide you with advice if you don't receive a response from your bank. Send us an email!

  • How can I buy Ethereum?

    Find a reliable platform. You can choose a cryptocurrency exchange, a P2P platform, or a brokerage.

    On an exchange, you will need to select the desired cryptocurrency, enter the number of coins you wish to purchase, and then enter your bitcoin wallet address.

    With peer-to-peer platforms, you'll need to find a local seller and then meet them in person to do the trading.

    To purchase assets from brokers, you must first create an account, confirm your identity, confirm your payment information, and only then can you buy assets.

  • What currency is used to buy Ethereum?

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies can be purchased on our exchange using your local or foreign currency, or another cryptocurrency.

In this article, we will share some tips on how to choose the best ETH exchange

Ethereum is a distributed, open-source, blockchain-based computing platform that runs smart contracts. In other words, it is a blockchain that comes with a built-in programming language for creating applications. The Ether cryptocurrency is used to make payments for transactions.

What is the best ETH exchange? How can you exchange or buy Ethereum?

People frequently ask where they can buy Ether and other cryptocurrencies legally.

J2TX has six years of experience in the cryptocurrencies market, which makes it a reliable and secure platform. With its established trading protocols, the platform allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily. On J2TX, the best exchange for Ethereum, you are three steps away from obtaining your first crypto coins:

  • Create an account
  • Verify your identity
  • Purchase Ethereum

These are the two most basic and important features of this platform: buying crypto coins with credit or debit cards and converting your ETH to fiat. You can also sell crypto coins and get cash via your preferred method. The exchange gives you the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies along with tokens that produce stable profits every month. 

Create an account, go to the home page, enter the desired amount of crypto coins, and confirm ownership of the card by entering your bank details. With just a few clicks, you can get your desired ETH cryptocurrency. 

Invest in your future with J2TX.

ETHEREUM exchange: conditions, rates, commission

The only condition for getting crypto coins to your wallet quickly is to create and verify an account on the platform. 

The exchange will provide you with BTC or ETH within minutes. The registration process will take you no more than 15 minutes, so you can get BTC or ETH in no time at all! 

There are no additional fees. The transaction fee is 0.95%. Other platforms can charge up to 15% in transaction fees.

The service allows users to fund their accounts using debit and credit cards from Visa and MasterCard, ensuring safe transaction systems for users.

You can make money through tokens, get answers to frequently asked questions, and dive deeply into the world of cryptocurrencies with J2TX. 

Your bright future awaits you with J2TX

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