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Low Fees
We charge one of the lowest fees per transaction. Our fixed fee is only 0.95% for exchange.
Fast Transactions
Transactions takes minutes. Usually you can receive your asset in as little as 1-5 minutes.
Flexible Limits
Limits for transactions are flexible. The only limit is applied to the transactions up to $25000.
Payment is convinient. Use both Visa or Master Card to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin by our exchange.
Benefits for J2TD Token holders
Token holders receive 50% of the income of the entire J2TX Ecosystem + 10% of the income of our partner Just2Trade Learn more
Easy Verification
KYC procedure is simplified and takes just a few steps. It is supereasy with properly uploaded documents.


  • How can I buy cryptocurrency?

    If you are wondering how to start the procedure of buying crypto on the J2TX web resource, we have developed a detailed guide especially for you, where you can find step-by-step instructions not only on how to create an account and go through all required security procedures, but also a description of the process of making a deal on the site to purchase digital assets.

  • Where can I find my wallet address?

    A Bitcoin address is the public identifier of a cryptocurrency wallet. It is a numeric-letter code that begins with 1 or 3 and consists of 33-34 characters. No 0 O I symbols are used in generating the address. In addition, the identifier can be represented as a QR code.

    There is such information in every resource in different blocks, but most often you can find such address if you will move to the «My Wallet» block, whereby clicking the appropriate button you will receive the output of figures and letters, which will be your bitcoin address; moreover below there is a QR code, it is also your bitcoin wallet address, but in another form.

  • I didn't receive my coins, what should I do?

    If you made a transaction, but have not received the ordered assets for a long time, or the exchange has not been completed, you should review the history of completed transactions in the appropriate section of our site.

    If the transaction was nevertheless completed successfully (as reflected in your transaction history), check whether it was completed by the bank. This can be done using online applications or banks' websites. Next, make sure that the entered crypto-purse data is correct and there are no misprints, and the transaction is rejected. If everything is okay here too, it's time to move on to the third option.

    Check if you updated the wallet in the app or browser and if it is synchronized.

    All in vain? Our support team is always happy to solve any difficulties you may have. Contact J2TX staff and they will help you!

  • How to make an independent banking deal?

    To manually make a SEPA transaction, you should pay attention to the information automatically given to you when you place an order using SEPA. Then go to your bank account via online banking or the Internet and proceed with the SEPA self-transaction procedure itself. Do not disregard the original payment reference from J2TX you received earlier. After successfully entering all transaction details, log in again and confirm the transaction by clicking «I've completed the SEPA procedure».

  • I accidentally entered an invalid/incorrect reference for a successful transaction, what should I do now to cancel the transaction or correct the data?

    If you add an incorrect payment reference, you should not hesitate to contact our support. Please know that the sooner you take the steps to describe the problem and details, the sooner we will help you solve the situation. Don't forget to also provide information such as

    • Id J2TX-deal;
    • E-mail address;
    • ID-transaction;
    • International Bank Account Number.
  • When making a payment, I forgot to specify some information on the payment (identifier, destination tag, etc.), what should I do now?

    If you did not complete any data in the payment you make, you should write to us in chat or email.

    Remember that panic is a barrier to the speed and quality of dealing with the situation. The first thing to do is to write us and tell us exactly what happened to you. Know that the more informative and concise your story is, the faster we can begin to find universal solutions. Also, please do not forget to specify how much money you transferred, your Order-ID, the identifiers of the incorrect transaction, and your mail (e-mail).

  • Do J2TX users have the right to transfer personal digital coins to any third-party services or individuals?

    J2TX does not allow its users to transfer crypto coins to merchants, third-party online sites, or the same ICO using our order. If you have such a desire and need to send assets to a third party, you have a chance to make such a transaction. You can do it only from the cryptocurrency wallet you own and only directly.

  • What should I do if the bank that serves me blocks and does not allow a particular transaction to take place?

    Whatever your banking situation, you should always remember that our resource does not have access to any transactions at your bank, we do not have that authority. However, we strive to help everyone and appreciate all visitors.

    If your transaction is blocked, you need to contact your bank and clarify the situation. They should offer solutions and provide accurate information as to the reason why the payment was blocked.

    In case there is no response from the bank's employees and assistance is not offered, we are always ready to solve the situation and smooth over the unpleasant experience. Just write us!

  • How can I buy Ethereum?

    Find a reliable platform. You can choose an exchange, an exchanger, or a P2P platform.

    When buying on a P2P platform, you will need to find a nearby seller who is willing to sell you the assets in person, and then meet and make the exchange.

    On an exchange, you will need to select the desired asset, enter the number of coins you want, and then simply enter your bitcoin wallet address.

    To buy from exchangers, you need to create an account first, then verify yourself as a person + confirm your payment information, and only after that, you will purchase assets.   

  • What currency can I buy Ethereum in?

    Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin, as well as other digital currency, can be purchased in local currency, in a foreign currency, as well as with other cryptocurrencies through the exchange.

    To determine which currency you can buy, please refer to your platform (where you plan to perform the transaction) and clarify this aspect, because each platform has its own individual set of coins offered both to buy and to the variety of funds for which they can be obtained.

Ethereum is a blockchain-based, distributed, open-source computing platform for running smart contracts. In other words, is a blockchain with a built-in programming language that users can use to create applications. The cryptocurrency Ether is used to make payments for transactions in this crypto-coin.

How to exchange/buy Ethereum at the best Eth exchange?

Many traders, investors, and ordinary people have long wondered: where to purchase Ether and another cryptocurrency legally, without breaking laws?

J2TX is a reliable and secure platform, operating implement for six years in the cryptocurrency market and created to quickly purchase and sell coins through well-established buy/sell processes. You are only three steps away from receiving your first coins from the best Eth exchange J2TX:

  • Register an account
  • Run identity verification
  • Buy Etherium

Purchase coins with your credit or debit card. Converter your ETH implement fiat currency. Nothing superfluous, just the most key and necessary features. You can also sell coins and get real money the way you want. The converter gives you a chance to get not only cryptocurrency but also tokens that entitle you to additional stable profit every month.

Register your account, go to the main page of the exchanger's website, enter the desired amount of coins and complete the operation by entering your bank details and the card ownership confirmation procedure. The converter gives you the right to get your desired Eth coins in just a couple of steps.

Come in and invest wisely in the future, together with J2TX.

Buy ETHEREUM at the best ETH exchange: conditions, terms, commission

To converter currency implements digital gold, you need to go through the procedure of creating and verifying an account on the platform - this is the only condition for quickly getting coins to your wallets.

The converter will provide you with Bitcoins or Ethereums in few minutes: you will spend from 10 to 15 minutes from the registration procedure to the procedure of getting BTC or ETH! The operation itself takes from 1 to 5 minutes, but in most cases, it completes in just a few seconds!

There are no commissions here: you pay 0.95% for successful exchange and nothing else is required! On other platforms, you lose up to 15% on every this crypto-coin trade.

You can fund your account with both debit and credit cards from Visa and MasterCard - this means that the service provides users with only secure transaction systems.

The converter J2TX offers you to earn extra income from tokens provides answers to frequently asked questions, and gives you a chance to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies without the hassle and unnecessary problems!

J2TX is your choice and an opportunity to secure your bright future!

Improve yourself, together with the best Eth exchange J2TX

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