Buy Bitcoins without Fees

Access the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies and buy
them with your debit or credit card easily with a single touch.

First transaction without fees!

Buy bitcoins from a reputable source
Buy with debit and credit cards
Buy with debit and credit cards
Use a debit or credit card in any currency. All transactions are protected with the 3D Secure technology, so you can rest easy.
Use cryptocurrency right away
Use cryptocurrency right away
The coins are credited to your account immediately after the purchase. Leverage the exchange and take advantage of the zero withdrawal fee.
Simple verification
Simple verification
One document is all you need and you’re ready to buy. No more unnecessary hurdles that get in between you and your cryptocurrency.
Transparency in fees
Transparency in fees
No hidden fees tacked on the end of each transaction, what you see is what you get. We charge a one-time fee of 0,95% that’s it.
Everything in one secure place
Everything in one secure place
There’s no need for you to transfer your money to another wallet. With Cryptopay, you can buy, exchange, send, and store your money, all in one place.
Assistance at every step
Assistance at every step
Our team of qualified specialists is ready to help you every step of the way. If you run into any problems or just have some questions - you always receive a prompt response.

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  • What is J2TX?

    J2TX is a cryptocurrency broker that has been operating in Europe and beyond for more than six years. We have a wealth of valuable experience in this field and provide the best service for exchanging/buying/selling cryptocurrencies, as well as help clients to buy shares of global companies and provide a chance to become owners of tokens of platform j2tx. With an incredibly simple, yet user-friendly and balanced interface, 24/7 support, as well as enticing functionality in the form of useful materials, which include both a guide on how to use the platform and fascinating content about the crypto market in general, we help users get accustomed to the world of investing in the most affordable, safe and risk-free way possible. We implement all the most interesting ideas in project j2tx, offering you to touch something completely new and unique. Here you can become a successful trader or investor without unnecessary financial expenses and loss of precious time. We will help to turn your time into money and provide a stable financial future.

    J2TX — new opportunities, confidence in the future, and a tool that will help you realize your potential and dreams!

  • Where can I find all public information regarding J2TX?

    All the public information about the platform and the company in general, you can find in the relevant block of the website, which is located at the bottom of the site. Also, the information is available in the appropriate block «Contact Us».

    Some part of the information about J2TX's success, cooperation with other companies, updates, forecasts, and much more is publicly available on the Internet.

    Still can't find the information you need about us? Support for the company chat is available 24/7 - our specialists will answer all your questions as quickly and informatively as possible.

    You're welcome!

  • What are the requirements for registering a J2TX account?

    We are the platform that cares about our users and strives for creating the most reliable and secure service, so for registering on J2TX you will need to fulfill several requirements:

    • Be of legal age (18+);
    • Have an email and a personal cell phone number;
    • You must have a passport to successfully verify your identity;
    • Possession of a bank card and proof of actual ownership is also a requirement.

    Our requirements are your security!

  • How do I verify my wallet address?

    During the registration process, you will be asked to activate your account. You must follow the step-by-step instructions from our platform to become a full member and user of the J2TX resource.

    The verification procedure includes three components: proof of your identity, proof of actual residence, and proof of payment information.

    The first verification option requires you to provide data to confirm your identity. This requires you to provide j2tx personal data in the form of your full name, age, phone number, personal selfies photo, as well as a photo of a document, whether passport, driver's license, or ID card.

    The second option involves providing your country of residence and residency information. Here you will also need a photo confirmation of the place of residence from your passport, as well as a receipt of payment of utility bills or other documents confirming the actual place of residence.

    The third step implies the indication of bank data on payment methods and payment data, as well as confirmation of the actual possession of the card through selfies photo, where you will see not only the card but also your face.

    Now the user can use the site without restrictions.

  • What is the J2TX service fee?

    We've implemented a truly transparent and open exchange system in j2tx, where you have the opportunity to see transaction deductions before you complete the transaction. We believe that transparency and openness is the key to a trusting relationship between us and our users, and it's a great tool to assess all your financial losses before they are deducted from your account. You can see the charged commission directly in the field of transactions because each transaction is different and depends on the amount deposited, which is not always the same. However, the total commission of our website is 0.95% which is incomparable with the competition and is another advantage among the many sites. Such a size of deductions allows us to offer you the best service because each client of the company is our full partner and buddy.

  • What is the mission of J2TX?

    Having built a cryptocurrency platform with years of experience, we will do our best to ensure our website users are satisfied with its simplicity, ease, and reliability. We are convinced that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the technologies of the future! These two tools will change and improve many spheres of mankind's life, as well as cardinally change the view of the digital world. That's why we are implementing this project right now, investing all our capabilities, knowledge, and funds as much as possible. We strive to create an ideal tool that will allow everyone not only to experience the future but also to invest intelligently and then to multiply invested funds. Our main goal is to provide quality services and tools for investing, so you can secure your future and learn about the digital world as easily and affordably as possible.

  • How can I create an account?

    Detailed information on how to create and activate an account on our resource, as well as how to start trading cryptocurrencies, making exchanges, selling, etc. is available for you in our full guide at the following link.

    The main sequence of account activation on the website is performed in several steps and the following sequence:

    Step 1

    On the main page of the platform, the visitor should enter his preferred amount of currency that he wants to spend on the asset, or enter in the appropriate window the desired number of coins. Also at this step, he should select the type of digital coins he needs.

    Each user should click on the «Continue» button and proceed to the next step.

    Step 2

    Now it is necessary to activate the account on the site.

    The user has to enter his personal email, and then, after reading the site's user agreement and the rules, check the appropriate box.

    To continue, click the «Continue» button.

    A confirmation code will be sent to the indicated email, which must be entered in the window and click on «Login».

    Step 3

    The next step - KYC procedure.

    To complete this step, the visitor is required to confirm his/her identity by taking a personal selfie photo, providing a photo ID/passport/driving license, a photo receipt or other documents confirming your actual place of residence, and providing personal information in the form of personal address, phone number, password, and other data.

    The second part of verification is payment data confirmation: now each J2TX affiliate must enter payment data and provide a selfie with a card pre-specified as a payment method.

    At this step, the client becomes a full-fledged user and can use the full functionality of J2TX.

    Step 4

    To complete the transaction you need to choose in a new window the option of the asset to be exchanged, as well as specify the personal number of the cryptocurrency wallet.

    Step 5

    Complete the process and withdraw the funds by confirming the transaction with the button.

  • Which name should I use to register my J2TX account?

    This site does not allow nicknames or aliases. The name you register must match the name on your passport or ID card.

  • How is the exchange rate calculated?

    Our proposed exchange rate at the time of transactions is set according to the analysis of data from several expert cryptocurrency exchange resources. Due to the increased volatility of the crypto market, as well as the volatility of exchange rates, we take into account every aspect of exchange rate changes before offering you the final exchange options and figures. We are extremely profitable and open, so the exchanges and rates we provide are the most favorable, and the almost complete absence of transaction fees helps company clients save personal funds without unnecessary losses. You will also see a full accounting of the exchange and spendings before you confirm the transaction.

  • What is a cryptocurrency transaction fee?

    Cryptocurrency transaction fees are similar to bank fees in essence but different in execution. Transaction fees are different costs associated with moving crypto from one wallet address to another. A wallet address is a possible destination for a transfer, similar to the way you send emails to your friends or colleagues at an email address.

    In many cases, the amount of commission determines the speed of transactions, but that's not always the case. For example, our transaction speed is a few minutes at 0.95% commission, in other services, with a similar amount of commission, the transfer speed can be up to several days.

    Making transactions of crypto assets, remember: carefully check the information about deductions before completing the transaction. This way, you will not only provide yourself with confidence but also get rid of possible unforeseen expenses.

Buy Bitcoin, No Fee

Today, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. If the entire cryptocurrency market is valued at $175 billion, then Bitcoins (about $80 billion) make up almost half of that market. The words Bitcoin, blockchain, forks, cranes - no longer surprise anyone. The most common question regarding cryptocurrency these days is where to buy Bitcoin at the best rate and lowest fee.

Where to buy Bitcoin no fee?

Currently, there are four popular ways to purchase Bitcoin:

  • Brokers - a very easy way with a high commission;
  • Digital wallets with the ability to buy BTC;
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges with low commissions;
  • P2P exchanges;

Every method comes with its own specifics, fees, and even Bitcoin rates.

The most cost-effective and profitable way to acquire bitcoins is through exchanges, since the transactions are instant and virtually commission-free. Other exchanges aren't even worth your time since they sometimes charge fees of 3-15% per transaction.

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges out there, but J2TX is one of the best because of its low transaction fee.

With the highest volume of trades, the most expensive domestic currency and the lowest commissions, J2TX is considered to be the coolest modern cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, you can now fund your account using a bank card. Deposit dollars into your account with your bank (there's no commission with most banks) and buy cryptocurrency. There is a flat transaction fee of 0.95% for the website, which is the lowest among competitors. 

How to buy Bitcoin commission free?

  • Register your account and verify your account - You will be asked to provide a few details during registration, such as your ID, a selfie with the ID, an email address, a phone number, and your home address.
  • Transferring dollars to an exchange - Currency transfers are probably the most significant aspect of saving money and reducing transaction fees. First of all, when you transfer fiat currency (dollars), the bank you cooperate with (using a card) will charge you a commission of about 1-3%. Second, if you deposit money into the bank, the recipient bank will charge you a commission of $10-$60. And lastly, the currency exchange may add 1-3% commission per transaction when depositing funds. Your total costs will be about 6-7%. Currency transfers, however, can be done with low commissions (0-1%) if you choose the right partners and adhere to certain rules. This is where J2TX exchange comes in handy, where you can buy Bitcoin without any fees, since it works only with verified payment systems and does not take any commissions.
  • Buying Bitcoin on the exchange - On the main page of the cryptocurrency exchange, enter the number of coins you want, and then click "Continue". Once your account is activated, enter your payment details, then complete the transaction. The platform executes the transactions for a 0.95 percent deduction from the transaction amount. What other exchange can offer the benefit of buying Bitcoin or investing in Ethereum without commissions?

What does it take to buy Bitcoin at the lowest fees?

The only crypto exchange where you can purchase Bitcoin with no fees is J2TX. For the purchase, you need a pre-created account (verified by KYC verification), an active bank card (Visa or Mastercard), and a bit of time to enter all the data and perform a few simple steps on the platform itself.

In addition, you can find the latest news from the cryptocurrency market and get answers to your long-standing questions here. Furthermore, there is a page on the website dedicated to extra earnings through the platform's affiliate program - the J2TX Token can provide easy and stable income. This program offers up to 50% of the platform's revenue with no risk involved.

When buying Bitcoin without a fee, what is the time frame we must consider?

Upon completing the data entry process, all you need to do is confirm the transaction before receiving the assets. Congratulations on getting the Bitcoin in under ten minutes with minimal fees! The question is, how long will you have to wait for your asset to arrive?

It takes a few minutes for the bank to confirm and approve a transaction, so you can expect the replenishment of your investment wallet within 1-5 minutes!

Learn more about investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Explore the world of cryptocurrencies with these FAQs.

The benefits of J2TX include no commissions, security with privacy, and of course instant transactions.

Your journey to success begins with J2TX!

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